Drake and Chris Brown OVO Fest Performance Canceled

Drake and Chris Brown

History won’t be made at OVO Fest. Drake and Chris Brown were set to debut their new collaboration, but the performance has been scrapped because Chris can’t get into Canada.

According to TMZ, Drake invited Breezy to join him on stage on Monday night in Toronto. Chris had agreed and the plan was for them to perform their brand new song, which reportedly has veiled references to Rihanna.

It would have marked their first performance together and officially put an end to their beef.

Chris’ people pulled the plug when they realized the singer would have trouble getting into Canada. The country has a strict policy when it comes to allowing criminals in, and Chris has pled guilty to a felony.

Just last month, the two were spotted in the studio working on their first collaboration since the 2010 remix to “Deuces.” They also appeared together in a skit for the ESPYS.

The performance would have been the highlight of OVO Fest, which has become known for its surprise moments. Last year, Drake brought out Kanye West, Diddy, Ma$e, and TLC.

The two-day festival kicks off Sunday with OutKast.

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  1. xoxo

    thank you God, thank you Canada lol


  2. Chiskop



  3. Major Sushi

    Oh. But Justin Bieber can go in and out, whenever he pleases, even when he’s done more shitty things than Chris? -_-


    Justin Reply:

    @Major Sushi, last I checked JB had not been charged with a felony and pled guilty. AND JB is Canadian it is hard to tell a Canadian he cannot come home. It is like telling George Washington not to come.back to.The.US.


    Major Sushi Reply:

    @Justin, Justin Bieber got booed off his own stage during his concert in Canada, and he got booed when he received a Juno award.
    It’s obvious that Canada doesn’t want Justin Bieber.

    And don’t insult George Washington by comparing him to Justin. Washington knew his skin color.


    Staysnatching Reply:

    @Major Sushi, The thing is no one else wants him either.


  4. Iggy

    Is their point to make a revenge on Rihanna or what? Drake was a nice guy but he is getting to get dumb because of his fame lately.


    Staysnatching Reply:

    @Iggy, How excatly?


    Mojo Jojo Reply:

    @Iggy, this has nothing to do with Rihanna. She may have been the source of their fall out but revenge on her is not the reason for their reconciliation. This is about two men growing up and putting their differences aside for the same of giving their fans what they want to see. Ever since Drqke appeared on the “Deuces RMX”, fans have wanted to hear more from these two. Unless their new collaboration is titled “F*ck Rihanna” I think people need to leave her out of this and take it for what it really is, a power move and a step in the right direction for both artists brands and pockets.


    Wow Reply:

    @Mojo Jojo, that would be all well and good had the article not said it contains references to Rihanna at least based on Rapup’s sources. Now if this is the case, they’re going to look real bitter making a song together and taking jabs at a woman who’s not even paying them any mind. Straight mitch shit!


    xoxo Reply:

    @Wow, TMZ loves to throw rih’s name in every article about Drake and Chris. Tyga said some days ago that the song they made has nothing to do with rih and also a producer said the same thing


    Music Loved Reply:

    @xoxo, exactly! People swear everything tmz reports about Chris is factual, even though the story has been confirmed to be false by Tyga and a producer. TMZ follow fans too, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they snatched this story from them. Right around when that picture of Chris and Drake in the studio was released some fans tweeted that they believe it was because of Rihanna. Not everything is about Rihanna.


    Brina Reply:

    @Mojo Jojo, yassssdd preach I agree with u


  5. Brina

    Awwww I would love to see this happen one day


  6. kerabah

    I love the f*#kin idea that the two are coming together but f*#kin hate the idea that they are coming to trash on my Riri, n*#gas aint loyal muthafwakas


    Music Lover Reply:

    @kerabah, but it’s already been confirmed that it’s not about Rihanna though.


  7. Liez

    They’ve performed together before….so…..


  8. Dizel

    I love the fact the Chris and Drake are working together. I love Chris Brown he is a great singer and entertainer regardless of what he has done. I think they need to review some laws so he has a felony, it is for assault not murder and he is he as a entertainer and if that per fermented would of happened that would be the most talk about performance. How ever I know our boy Drake will still have a couple surprises set up can’t wait….
    But on JB …There charges are jot the same don’t compare, personally can’t stand the little shit but remember he is canadian


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