Eminem and Rihanna Perform ‘Stan’ at Lollapalooza

Rihanna and Eminem

Lollapalooza kicked off with performances from Iggy Azalea, Lorde, Arctic Monkeys, and Eminem, who closed out day 1 of the three-day festival in Chicago on Friday.

Wearing grey jersey shorts and a T-shirt printed with LL Cool J’s Bigger and Deffer album cover, the hip-hop superstar returned to Lolla for the first time since 2011, performing a 90-minute set on the Samsung Galaxy stage at Grant Park.

In addition to ripping through hits including “My Name Is,” “Not Afraid,” and “The Real Slim Shady,” Em welcomed special guest Rihanna. The powerhouse duo gave fans a preview of their upcoming “Monster Tour” by performing their No. 1 collaborations “Love the Way You Lie” and “The Monster.”

But the highlight was when Rihanna filled in for Dido on Em’s 2000 single “Stan,” while the crowd waved their hands and sang along.

“Thank you @Eminem and Chicago for letting me share this moment with you at #Lollapalooza,” tweeted RiRi.

The music superstars will kick off their co-headlining tour at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif. on Thursday, August 8. The three-city stadium trek will also play Detroit’s Comerica Park and New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium.

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  1. Ashgino

    The poor mans’ J + B… And what the hell is Rihanna wearing, she has no stage presence


    Daniel Reply:

    @Ashgino, Poor? Rihanna was in the top 10 on the Forbes list so check your facts. And Eminem’s net worth is 160 million dollars, not exactly what I’d call poor, unless you’re talking about your own bank account.



    @Ashgino, just shut the fuck up. Why are you mad?


  2. Tinashe

    They as a duo bring no soul or essence or magic …. It’s wack



    @Tinashe, your petty ass comment does not affect their pockets.


  3. Toni

    I actually kind of like this Stan version. Rihanna has a unique voice that really works on hooks.
    I also think it’s kind of an unfair comparison to J & B, who have a chemistry because of marriage that naturally translates on stage. They also are at the top when it comes to live performances. I think people should just enjoy these seperate colaborations on tour and go see a great show. It’s all entertainment.


  4. Leah

    The poor man of J & B!?? Last time I checked , Rih & Em aren’t married. So how u gonna compared a married couple to two ppl who’s not even together but just making great music together. Rih & Em both are successful artists. & The monster tour was announced way before the run tour.. It seems to me that beyonce insecure ass ran with both Rih. & Em idea, decided to have a tour when she just finish a tour not long ago.


    Rap-Upper Reply:

    @Leah, Bitch please, you think Beyonce needs to steal ideas? GTFO She’s on her own lane and no one can compare!


    Jose Reply:

    @Rap-Upper, Beyoncé is most definitely stealing ideas! This whole “bad bitch” persona she’s developed over the last year is a poor imitation of Rihanna’s. At least Rihanna is REAL and does her own thing instead of looking for bits and pieces to steal from other people


    lamine Reply:

    @Leah, tu pense que j&b peuvent monter une tournée en 2 mois ( répétition, mise en scène et tout)? le programme de beyonce est déjà tracé il reste à mettre en pratique.

    @jose dans le monde de la musique beyonce est 10 milles fois en avance sur rihanna,ça se discute meme pas.


  5. Cupid

    The stage set up really takes from the performance. The band shouldn’t have been so high up and should’ve maybe circled a bit behind em and Rih to keep them from looking so far apart. Eminems stage presence and energy is just not there and Rihanna looks like she isn’t interested in performing his boring songs lol.


  6. JoJo

    Rih may not be the best live performer, but her voice is so versatile and can go on anything. There is no one else in the industry that can do what she does. She always gives good music.

    Same could be said about Bey with her performances, no one can do it like her.

    Both are totally different artist, and are legends of my generation.


  7. Natalia

    I love the way the stage is set up I hope it’s like that in a bigger way when they head out on tour!


  8. kerabah

    I love you Riri


  9. riddlemethis

    Needs a little more energy. Rihanna is good though,she makes it work with lackluster vocals.I guess her voice is unique but its not impressive to me. Maybe this was better live though


  10. Tiffany Hill

    I like the version with dido better but Rihanna is still great


  11. Betsey

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