K. Michelle Brings ‘Rebellious Soul’ Musical to VH1 [Trailer]

K. Michelle

K. Michelle is bringing the drama back to VH1 in her first musical. Directed by Idris Elba, “K. Michelle: Rebellious Soul – The Musical” is a 30-minute “hip-hopera” based on the life of the Memphis singer.

Through her powerful ballads, the dark theatrical presentation captures the lust, love, heartache, and redemption of a woman struggling to break the cycle of bad romance. Find out what happens when she catches her man in a lie and her past comes back to haunt her.

The musical features eight songs from K. Michelle’s No. 1 album Rebellious Soul including “Can’t Raise a Man,” “V.S.O.P.,” “Hate on Her,” and “My Life.”

The soundtrack will be available digitally on August 18 and the video will arrive August 20.

The “Love & Hip Hop” alum will also star in her own reality series, “K. Michelle: My Life,” airing in November on VH1.

“Rebellious Soul – The Musical” premieres August 19 at 10 p.m. Watch the trailer below.

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  2. Jay

    Keyshia Cole should of done something like this but anyways… The only Hip-Hopera I’ve ever liked was Carmen, and we all know she ain’t touching BEY!! But I’ll be watching lol





  4. Kris Davis

    That’s wassup!!!! I respect the fact that she’s doing the shit she said she was gon do! I fucks with that. She said this months ago & I thought she was just talkin shit. She keep her word. So I will be watchin.


  5. Major Sushi

    I keep confusing her with Keyshia Cole, even when I read the heading.


  6. Infidelity

    Can’t f*cking wait to SEE this!!! Love K. Michelle!!


  7. Kyle

    Her album was amazing so I’m excited to see where she is going with this. Definitely a unique idea. It just would’ve been better timing if she had done this last summer when the album was about to drop.


  8. Ken

    I’m not really into her music, but I think this is a very smart thing for her to do! She is capitalizing off of the hype of her and her album, without having to record new material. This is smart and will probably help her album sales, and her spin off show that’s coming! She’s smart!


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