Win Tickets to Eminem and Rihanna’s ‘Monster Tour’ in L.A.!

The Monster Tour

In just one day, Eminem and Rihanna will kick off their co-headlining “Monster Tour.” After giving fans a preview at Lollapalooza, the powerhouse duo will bring its three-city stadium show to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif. on Thursday and Friday.

Rap-Up is giving two lucky readers a chance to win a pair of tickets to the epic outing, which travels to MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, on August 16-17, and Detroit’s Comerica Park on August 22-23.

Tickets are available at Ticketmaster or enter to win below.

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below telling us why you should win in 20 words or less. Be sure to include a valid email address where we can contact you (this will not be displayed publicly). One entry per person. Two winners will be selected to receive a pair of tickets to the show on Friday, August 8. You must provide your own transportation to and from the venue.


“The Monster Tour” Dates

Aug. 7 – Los Angeles, CA – Rose Bowl
Aug. 8 – Los Angeles, CA – Rose Bowl
Aug. 16 – East Rutherford, NJ – MetLife Stadium
Aug. 17 – East Rutherford, NJ – MetLife Stadium
Aug. 22 – Detroit, MI – Comerica Park
Aug. 23 – Detroit, MI – Comerica Park

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  1. jose

    Big fan of both would be nice to win these tickets to take my wife.

  2. Ange

    I think I should win tickets because I’ve never gone out of my state (Colorado) let alone a legit concert before.

  3. Ruben

    I think I should win because I’ve been wanting it’s my dream to see Eminem and especially Rhianna they’re two great artists that put on a show and I would really enjoy them live.

  4. Shad

    I should win because basically I’m a music fanatic. Rihanna is a Queen, but to see Eminem on tour is once in a lifetime.

  5. George Hourany

    I should win because I couldn’t bro Thursday due to school but I sure can on Friday!

  6. gloria

    I love rih and em would be dope to win these tickets, never been to a concert before.

  7. Takiera

    I ABSOLUTELY love these two and never got the chance to see them live TOGETHER. I would be so grateful.

  8. Damien

    I think I should win these tickets because I’ve always been someone to take care of other people rather than myself, so it would be nice to something for myself for a change.

  9. Page

    Rihanna is the definition of living your life to the fullest and eminem is an unspoken legend in the land of rap #RIHNAVY

  10. Nita Chavez

    A great opportunity before I go back to school for a PhD in Chemistry for the next 5 years.

  11. Paula davis

    I need these for my mom. She works all the time and doesn’t get to do much.

  12. Sarah W.

    Eminem is my FAVORITE artist. His music affects me beyond 20 words! And, it was my bday last week!

  13. Doreen

    Rihanna is the baddest bitch! I NEED to see her! All that needs to be said is ICON.

  14. Joey

    I should go because it’s going to be a once in a lifetime event and im on vacation in Cali

  15. Michael

    20 words? Impossible. But I’d love to go and wouldn’t be able to top the experience in my entire life.

  16. Carol

    It would be an awesome birthday gift to my husband who is coming from a year deployment.

  17. Sam

    I should win because my girlfriend is a giant rihanna fan & this would be an awesome chance to surprise her. Also great way to end summer before classes start

  18. Darnell

    Rihanna is sexy as hell!!!!! Please allow ME to allow HER to slay my damn LIFE!

  19. George Luna

    I would love to go see this dynamic duo together. Eminem is King & Rihanna is the baddest chick!

  20. Ellen

    I need to see Miss Rihanna twerk for Eminem! EPIC NIGHT it will be!

  21. George Luna

    These two together is just POW! I can only imagine how the atmosphere is gonna be, I’d love to be there!

  22. Judie

    I couldn’t afford tickets and would love to go. Would be a dream come true. This is an awesome opportunity.

  23. Brian

    Huge fan of music and this is a rare opportunity to see 2 greats together performing. This is history!

  24. Jarron


  25. Darryl

    Rihanna and Eminem are both icons. So that makes an iconic show right? I would love to see this.

  26. Rebecca

    I really love Rihanna, since day one. Pls this year is mine. Let me win. I never see her too.

  27. Yuryaku

    I Am NAVY. I NEED @Rihanna and @Eminem.

  28. Hunter

    I live local and haven’t been to a concert all year.

  29. Torian Bohannon

    I think i should win because i have been thru and overcame so much. Im relocated next month and this would be a great start to a new life. Not to mention i *&+^!? LOVE Rihanna!!! And to see her and another icon like Emiminem would be an experience ill never forget!

  30. Brandon

    I couldn’t afford tickets. I love Robyn and Marshall!!

  31. Kayla

    Friday will be NATIONAL: NO FUCKS WERE GIVEN ON STAGE DAY. I want to be apart of that!

  32. sammy_boiii

    RiRi? Em? Dream come true to be next to them. C’mon rapup send me on tour, i want nothing more.

  33. Kayla

    Friday will be NATIONAL: NO F***S WERE GIVEN ON STAGE DAY! I want to be apart of that!

  34. Duyen

    Eminem and Rihanna were life-changing at Lolla and I would relive it over and over again.

  35. joey

    My girl and I were going to go to Rih’s Tour but she canceled! This will make up for it!

  36. syncere

    It would be a great bday gift and a write off on my bucket list to see these two!!!

  37. syncere

    It would be a great bday gift and a write off on my bucket list to see these two!!!!

  38. Jacquelyn

    My influence in Hip Hop and Politics. I am the SUN, I am Detroit, I am Red & Blue! Win….

  39. Robert kakish

    My brother is the biggest eminem fan he knows every
    Lyric to every song and would die to see this concert!
    Plus my bday is on the 25th of august it woul make a
    Great gift for me and i want to see rihanna twerk plus
    Pasadena is 15 minutes from me!

  40. Aaron

    Been a fan of RIH&EM for years! To witness these iconic moguls in my hometown would never be lived down!

  41. Kandace

    I just want to see how these two are going to be on stage. I love Rih Rih

  42. dee

    when yall see how rihanna sound live yall wont want tickets trust me. im sure she will have on a cute outfit

  43. Jordan Brown

    I should win because I check RAPUP everyday and keep up with my hip hip knowledge + I bump marshall like crazy and rhi rhi is dope as can be.

  44. Croqque

    please give me the tickets because I am a fun person (most of the time)
    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  45. Sean

    To be honest, I don’t even know what to expect from Em & Rih. I’m a fan of both, but I’m as curious as I am excited for the show. I’d love to go.

  46. Natt

    I wanna lose myself in the music. Ever feel that moment and you own it? This is my one shot!

  47. Tony

    I Got fired last year. Listening to Rock Bottom inspired me to get back up.

  48. Chris

    Huge fan and supporter of everything that’s RAP-UP! Radio, Mags & RAP-UP TV, always. Lifetime Eminem fan from Infinite – M.M.L.P.2. Thanks for this chance RAP-UP! Your awesome

  49. Matt

    Never been able to see Eminem and had tickets for Rihanna but got sick..Would be amazing

  50. Kortney Bachman

    This concert will be an epic, once in a lifetime dream come true! Please pick me!

  51. Chris

    Big fan & supporter of everything RAP-UP!, Radio, Mags & RAP-UP TV, always. Lifetime Eminem fan from Infinite – M.M.L.P.2. Thanks for this chance RAP-UP, your awesome!

  52. Ryan Smith

    These two together are a must-watch! Thank you rapup for the amazing opportunity! Please pick me :)

  53. LeRoy Brown

    Little sister recieved a scholarship to NYU.. Would be nice to take her to see her favorite artist Rihanna!

  54. Kamali

    To see two of the biggest music stars in the world live in LA would be life changing!

  55. Andrew C

    Seeing them live would be amazing since they are the voices that are always inside my head!

  56. Ebony

    To be able to bring my little brother to see Eminem and my idol rihanna would be epic!

  57. Daniel

    After my morning ritual of searching through Rap-UP, I couldn’t be happier with this opportunity to go see in my opinion two of the best entertainers of our time in my hometown! I’m currently in my last week of summer school, about to receive my college degree from California State Fullerton, and wrapping up my music internship as well. For the past 5-½ years I have personally worked my self through school, work and have never been able to experience a concert. Rap-UP I believe this opportunity is meant to be! It would mean the world to me to finally feel rewarded, and what better way to attend this MONSTER tour! Hope to hear from you guys soon! Keep up the excellent work!


  58. Nu-Nu

    I’m a huge Rihanna Fan,and Em.. This would be Epic and i will love to be there in person. I never been to an concert before,nor out the state where i live which is New Jersey. I’ve been in the House all summer with nowhere to go.. cause money been really short,working 2 jobs to get by and pay bills. I have no social life,nor opportunities to enjoy life like this. I’ve been following for over 4yrs now,and Love this website. This will Def bring joy&light to my boring life. Been under stress for a while,and i think this will brighten my summer,and bring energy to my life. i would pray on this opportunity,and hope Rap-up will read my message thoroughly and see i’m in need for some light in my life.. THANKYOU

  59. Tyrice

    I would love to see Eminem for the first time courtesy of my favorite entertainment source Rihanna slays live & I would love to be apart of it live.

  60. Ms. Mitchell

    mommy needs a hot night out with daddy, we just had a baby! RIH-EMINEM DATE NIGHT! Please and thank you!

  61. JesseKarma

    Hi folks! I’d love to take my boo to see this dynamic duo perform. Eminem’s tunes have always been there for me since the Slim Shady L.P., and Rihanna has been on my blast since Loud and Talk that Talk. That girl has got the power!
    One Love Y’all!

  62. Michael Saucedo

    I’d be the Loudest craziest person there singing along soaking up the awesomeness of Riri and Em. 20 Words Boom!!!!

  63. NASIR

    Rap-Up I support you guys heavy. Em & Ri are my absolute favs! I live in LA and would love to go. Please!

  64. Stephen

    It’s my dream to see them

  65. Artie

    I’d rather see Eminem than Jay Z, at the Bowl. I want to see who’s better live, Rihanna or Beyonce.

  66. Ray

    I am a big STAN for Rihanna,and I personally think Eminem is the best rapper ALIVE. I recently quit my job to go back to school and this will be a great mini getaway for me. oh yea this could also be my FRIST concert.

  67. Matt Montoya

    At age 12 my parents denied my Powerpoint plea for the Anger Management tour…I’ve never seen my hero Eminem!

  68. Patty Chavez

    I would absolutely love to win these tickets! It’s been a rough financial yr for me, this would make me forget about it all for 2hrs. Thank you!!

  69. jizzie james

    Its my birthday. Seeing this would be my only birthday gift and would be the perfect distraction for one evening ofexcitement. Rihanna and Eminem are important musical influences in my life as a aspiring musician & supporter.

  70. JizzieJames

    Seeing this would be my only birthday gift for one evening of excitement. Rihanna and Eminem are influences in my life as a aspiring musician & supporter.

  71. JizzieJames

    This would be a cool bday outing for me and I have been supporter of Em and RiRi for years! They are a huge influence on me musicially as a musician

  72. Armon

    I can’t miss this show. Two of the biggest artists in the industry? Bet it’s gonna be an amazing night.

  73. Evelyn G.

    Eminem means everything to my nephew and it would be badass to surprise him with tickets.

  74. Gibran

    Me being in mexico always wanting to listen eminem live and plus there’s rihanna, would be the best experience ever.

  75. Ryan

    Huge fan of Rih and Em, they’d be phenomenal live. It’s always been a DREAM to see them! Thanks Rap-Up!

  76. Shannon hoffman

    I HONESTLY believe you should pick me bc I live in a small town where nothing ever happens good n this would maybe give us hope that goods things can come to us if we believe. .this would be my dream come true…please please pic me n change my life!!!

  77. Jesse Castro

    I’m having a baby boy in less then a month and I would love to go see this concert before my baby is born.

  78. Heike

    I’m from Germany and I would even fly over the Atlantic to be a part of the Riri and Eminem Tour. I’ve never been on any concert, so this could be a perfect chance. ♡

  79. Kim

    Different blend of Hip-Hop and R&B that makes great music! It’s a monster mash up!

  80. J

    My lady and I are going to shed a tear if we don’t win this pair….

  81. susan

    I love both you sooo much! My life would be complete! I’d die happy. God bless you!

  82. David

    Two legendary artists on one stage that both exude confidence and creativity. I would love to go!

  83. Greg

    Eminem has been a huge influence and has helped me through rough times. I love Rihanna’s music and respect her!!!

  84. DFromLA

    I should win because I want my bro to see his idol Eminem. This might be his first/last chance due to his health.

  85. Raquel

    I deserve to go because it’s mine and my boyfriends anniversary Saturday and it would be the perfect start.

  86. Nicholas

    I listen to all of his shit I have been a dedicated fan all along I really need to see him.

  87. Matt

    I’m stuck in idaho where no one comes and does concerts, biggest hiphop head ever, would be my first concert ever ..

  88. Vicky-Ilive'n'LA

    Seeing Eminem of all artists will mean so much! Beyond explaining! Please make this unlucky girl wish come true; begging!

  89. Nicole

    I deserve to win because I love Rihanna and she needs true Navy support for the opening shows!!

  90. Isabel Arellano

    Eminem is my idol ever since I was about 6 years old, I’m turning 19 next month.I LOVE EMINEM!

  91. Jam Jam

    It would awesome to see them concert i need excitment in my summer its been all work and no play!!

  92. Kevknows

    “I’m a Renegade never been afraid to say what’s on my mind”. No sob story, no begging. JUST TURN UP!

  93. Ernesto

    This duo will make the greatest performance. It would be an honor to see them live.

  94. Hera Love

    Would love to see them blowing the roof off! Everything they do makes me so glad to be living!

  95. Nay

    I would LOVE 2 win tix an surprise my hubby!
    We live in L.A. So transportation wouldn’t be a problem!
    We couldn’t afford to purchase tix & since he always break his back 4 me a surprise me whenever he can, this would be AWEAOME!!!!!!!!
    Thanks :)

    Nay Reply:

    AWESOME…this damn phone I swear! Lol

  96. CaliNaija90401

    Winning would be a great end to a crappy week thus far. Plus, Em and Riri = Ashford and Simpson

  97. MisterMinaj

    As an aspiring rap music journalist, any chance to critique a performer live in person would be spectacular. Love Rihanna.

  98. Tony Vincent

    I think I should win tickets to the Eminem/Rihanna concert because I am one of the biggest Eminem fans and have followed his career from when he first came out in the early 2000′s. I enjoy listening to both of these artist music all the time.

  99. Angel monroe

    Im a female rap performer
    Fem would love nothing more than to see eminem live @the mobster tour.

  100. Nathan Thompson

    I think I should see the concert only because I’m an extremely huge eminem fan . I love every one of his songs and I wait months to years for new ones. And Rihanna is definitely and amazing singer as well.

  101. Tracey

    I just graduated college and cant afford tickets and I reaaalllyyy want to take my nephew to his first concert! PLEASE!

  102. faty

    i’ve been listning to him since i was 3y.o he’s my role model and i can do anything to go see him performe live! And i know it’s my chance to meet him i mean living in morocco and waiting for years hoping he could come someday and try to talk with people and beg them… and they tell me “we can nit afford everything to have him in here, my parents wont even so it my only chance

  103. oliver andersen

    it would be an amazing thing for me and my big brother.

  104. ada kittell

    I’m a huge fan. I have never been to any type of concert or show, ever, and I’m 33 years young. This would be a great bonding experience for my daughter, 16, and myself:-)

    ada kittell Reply:

    My daughter also loves to sing, but is unsure she can or could be as good as others. These two show that u don’t have to be like everyone else to succeed at what u love.

  105. Sam

    I dedicate my life stanning for the iconic rihanna and live for free tickets !

  106. Kailly

    I was in the military the last tour so I didn’t get a chance to see my

    Kailly Reply:

    Favorite artist ever!

  107. Vincent Banagas

    I grew up listening to Eminem and have never seen him live.

  108. Luther

    I wanna cause I SUPPOSED TOOO

  109. Francine

    I want to go to the concert because I am a great music lover and I am fans of both. This will be a good way to close out the summer.I think the fact that Rihanna and Eminem teaming up together will definitely be a monster jam. They are a team on fire.

  110. Daniel

    I’ve been a Rihanna and Eminem fan since my TRL /106 & Park days and would love to see them both live!

  111. Jesus

    I’m a broke college student thats dream it is to see Eminem.