New Music: Lil Mama – ‘We Dem Boyz (Freestyle)’

We Dem Boyz (Freestyle)

Hol’ up, hol’ up. Lil Mama is making noise with her freestyle to Wiz Khalifa’s “We Dem Boyz,” the third installment in her “Lyrical Purge” series. The 24-year-old femcee unloads some rapid-fire rhymes over the Taylor Gang anthem.

“Behind my back, they talk a lot of smack / But when I’m in the building, ya’ll backin’ up,” she spits.

In previous weeks, Mama has remixed Drake’s “0 to 100″ and Rae Sremmurd’s “No Flex Zone.”

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  1. thetruthtea

    Say what you want but lil mamma can spit..


    jewssss Reply:

    @thetruthtea, Nicki Spits this verse word for word, and you dummies would lose your mind and how it’s verse of the year. 80% of the people on this website are the biggest Sheep.


    Aimanos Reply:

    @thetruthtea, Lil Mama’s recently verses have been better than Nicki’s, Kim’s and Iggy’s.

    Sorry but she is very underrated.


  2. Real Ish

    Ohh please give up.. Bitch aint rappin n u whack pshh fq outta let real bitches run the game broke ass hoe


    Oh Reply:

    @Real Ish, bitch shut up give other bitches a chance

    lil mama really got talent


    thetruth Reply:

    @Real Ish, but she still has more money than you!


    BabyLUV Reply:

    @Real Ish, she’s worth approx. 6 mil…so if she’s broke, what are you? shattered? #humptydumpty #byefelicia

    LOL You ain’t gettin paid for all this hate you got. Simmer down.


  3. Major Sushi

    YASSSSSS!!! I miss Lil’ Mama. But just stay away from Chris, please. Shorty Get Loose was an annoying song.


  4. Wow

    O_o she done slayed again


  5. EveRyder

    Hot damn. Lil mama slayed again. A major label better draw up that contract bcuz this bitch been spittin fire!


  6. MINAJ.

    Lil Mama has always been a great rapper for young and old tbh. This is great, I’m glad to hear more from Mama. I thought the No Flex Zone remix was her best.


  7. Andy

    No hate but I have hear this style million times in the past. She should try to be unique. Not that the verse was bad, it was really good.


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