Kanye West ‘RoboCop’ Video Snippet Leaks Starring Amber Rose

Kanye West and Amber Rose

Just in time for Flashback Friday, a snippet of Kanye West’s “RoboCop” video has hit the net. The stop-motion clip, directed by Hype Williams, was filmed circa 2008-2009 for Kanye’s 808s & Heartbreak album, and stars ‘Ye’s then-girlfriend Amber Rose as his voluptuous robotic lover.

Wearing a plastic bodysuit, she hypnotizes a tuxedo-clad ‘Ye with her lady lumps against a pink backdrop.

The visuals were inspired by his love for video games. “I think that’s the holy grail, if you can make your video look as good as a video game, and not be computer generated, and just have that type of intensity coming off the screen,” Kanye said during an on-set interview.

The “RoboCop” video was reportedly scrapped after the couple broke up.

Preview 24 never-before-seen seconds below.

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  1. dee

    miss this kanye.


    yeahbuddy Reply:

    @dee, mmmeee toooooo!!!


  2. Raven-Symone

    Yes!!!! I always wondered what this would have turned out like! It’s weird but hopefully the rest leaks along with Danity Kane’s album


    Phoenix Wright Reply:

    @Raven-Symone, !!! I’m saying tho, leak that album, and leak Alicia Keys & Beyonce’s “Put It In a Love Song” video as well


  3. Née

    She said on Wendy Williams this was the first time they met. He low key did the same thing with Kim with that vid that never came out. It’s pro his way of pullin dem hoes


    Major Sushi Reply:

    @Née, what vid that never came out?


    Paradise Reply:

    @Née, he met Kim on Brandy’s video shoot when she was her assistant


    Née Reply:

    @Paradise, I know. But he still shot a vid with her years before they started officially dating. She randomly had cornrows.


    t Reply:

    @Née, so what they were friends and he wanted to help her and hype with the video


    Née Reply:

    @t, hoe I was making an observation, calm ya tits.


  4. u smart lil LA girl

    LOVE THAT SONG!!!!! cant wait to see the full vid!


  5. CrackHo

    OMG…. this song is actually good!


  6. Tesla Fan

    I’d laugh and feel the need to smack anyone that says Kanye is the same now rofl

    RIP Kanye West

    f*ck kanye kardashian


    Bitches In Paris Reply:

    @Tesla Fan, …


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