Tracklisting: Jhené Aiko – ‘Souled Out’

Souled Out

On September 9, Jhené Aiko will release her debut album Souled Out.

The 14 tracks include the singles “The Pressure” and “To Love & Die” featuring Cocaine 80s, with production from Key Wane, Fisticuffs, James Fauntleroy, and Dot Da Genius. The only featured guests are Common (“Pretty Bird”) and her daughter Namiko, who appears on “Promises.”

“I did the album and it just shaped up to be all me,” Jhené told Rap-Up TV. “I just didn’t leave room for anybody just because I have a lot to say. I just wrote the songs from top to bottom.”

The Target exclusive edition includes two additional tracks, “My Afternoon Dream” and the acoustic version of her Sailing Soul(s) cut “You vs. Them.”

Following the album’s release, Jhené will join The Weeknd on his four-city “King of the Fall” tour with ScHoolboy Q, starting September 19 at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

See the tracklisting below.

Souled Out Tracklisting

1. “Limbo Limbo Limbo”
2. “W.A.Y.S.”
3. “To Love & Die” feat. Cocaine 80s
4. “Spotless Mind”
5. “It’s Cool”
6. “Lyin King”
7. “Wading”
8. “The Pressure”
9. “Brave”
10. “Eternal Sunshine”
11. “Promises” feat. Namiko & Miyagi
12. “Pretty Bird (Freestyle)” feat. Common
13. “Remember”
14. “Blue Dream”
15. “My Afternoon Dream” (Target Exclusive)
16. “You vs. Them” (Acoustic) (Target Exclusive)


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  1. Cali kid

    Nice, but I wish she had better features. Good feature help with sales and buzz. I still think that this will be solid body of work. Let’s get it Jhene!


    Got Damn Reply:

    @Cali kid, That is extremely false and you know it! Pusha T released an album last year with a feature on damn near every song but 2! And you know what? IT FLOPPED, 75,000 sold. In my opinion too many features on an album ruins the sound of the original artist. Plus it makes me feel like the artist is scared to fail, so they put a bunch of popular artist on their albums to try and push sales, and they flop. ijs


    Hmm Reply:

    Yeah, but @Cali kid said “better features,” not “many more features”


    T Reply:

    @Got Damn, “Flopped” but was still one of the most critically acclaimed albums of the year. MNIMN isn’t a good example it sold above average for a rap album. Pusha still touring good. But these labels got y’all believing sales demonstrate total worth when all it really does is enhance the label heads bottom line. Artists eat from touring, merch and endorsements. If artists depending on record sales for money they’d be broke. Left Eye tried to tell y’all.


    Sharkeisha Reply:

    @Cali kid, Common is a great feature, so I have NO idea what you’re talking about. Did you hear Blak Majik?


    Kay Reply:

    @Cali kid, I can’t knock you for that but in my opinion, I never think it’s about the vocal features. If I buy a Jhene album, I came for Jhene. She’s an interesting one, she can carry herself, she has. I’m more impressed with an artist that doesn’t over-feature a project that’s supposed to be their own.


  2. Kyle

    I actually prefer it with less features, especially since it’s her debut album. The track titles definitely seem intriguing. I can’t wait for this!


    kay Reply:

    @Kyle, I agree. The less features the better. I love when an artist doesn’t have an album full of features because I want to hear them, not other artist.


  3. griffin

    damn…i was really hoping for another childish gambino feature.


  4. Cupid

    I love “My Afternoon Dream”. The iTunes exclusive will have two new tracks on it. I don’t get the point of there being two old tracks on the exclusive target album. Should’ve just put the same new songs on an exclusive distributed to stores in general. However I can’t wait!



    Liking that it only has a few features. Very nice… Too many features can kill an artists true sound.


  6. m.a.d.

    love my afternoon dream and you vs them but to see them on this long awaited tracklisting made me do the head tilt. both songs mesh well with the artwork and the theme…but they’re old.

    I’m glad that the tracklist is longer then the one u saw earlier this week. and from what I read on twitter today she shot a video for “the pressure”

    features or not…my money is already hers.

    my money is already hers


    Bianca Reply:

    @m.a.d., Agreed! I don’t buy many albums but hers is definitely worth investing in! #TrueTalent


  7. blah

    She previewed Beautiful Ruin on Youtube its beautiful! This is gonna be my fall/winter soundtrack! & I’m here for the Common feature


  8. Bianca

    I can’t wait for this album!!!! Been waiting since the first mixtape dropped! #SailingSouls #SouledOutForJhene


  9. CrackHo

    You vs. Them, I knew that she loves that song too much… it was on the mixtape, now’s a bonus for the album. Good… And .. I’m glad Afternoon Dream is on the album too! People need to hear that..


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