New Music: J. Cole – ‘Be Free’

Be Free

In the wake of the police shooting that left African-American teenager Michael Brown dead, J. Cole responds by penning a powerful and emotional plea. Over a bare bones beat, the Roc Nation MC cries out for freedom and justice.

“All we wanna do is take the chains off / All we wanna do is be free,” sings a grief-stricken Cole.

“Rest in Peace to Michael Brown and to every young black man murdered in America, whether by the hands of white or black,” said Cole. “I pray that one day the world will be filled with peace and rid of injustice. Only then will we all Be Free.”

Listen to him stand his ground.

UPDATE: Cole has changed the artwork out of respect for Brown’s family.

“We were unaware of Mike Brown’s mother’s request to not use that picture,” he said of the original photo. “Art has been changed out of respect for her wishes.”

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  1. #RihannaNAVi

    The USA is a corrupt country. I was dying to live there, but f**k that now. I’m better off staying here in England


    Yasmine Reply:

    @#RihannaNAVi, Listen! My ancestors were here minding their own damn business until these savage whites came to pillage and murder. People of color built this country and y’all see how they treat us (blacks, Hispanics, Natives). I’ve seen the statistics — if anything, we need to plan a mass exodus to England.


  2. Adedotun

    i hate when white americans see black americans as inferior,this extremely worrying to me.bless you J.cole


    FeelnOdd Reply:

    @Adedotun, In this case the cop viewed the young brother as a threat. Which means the cop was a coward that provoked the young man. Inferior? No. Intimidating? Possibly.


    Major Sushi Reply:

    @FeelnOdd, How could the cop be afraid of an unarmed, with hands in the air, teenager?


  3. jusayin

    ….no disrespect to Cole but Brown’s family asked for all pictures of the body to be taken down from social media


    blah Reply:

    @jusayin, Yeah I think he should chance the cover art to respect Mikes family. But otherwise I like the message of the song & I’m glad their are some artists speaking out!
    Meanwhile Mr Kanye West is too busy sucking farts out of his wife’s ass to comment


  4. Wow

    Wow. I commend him for taking a stand but he’s being awfully insensitive to Mike Brown’s family. It’s bad enough that his family lost him in that manner but they don’t, nor do I want to see his corpse and pool of blood streaming from his body. There are other ways to get your point across. He could’ve done an eerie collage with all of the Black men who were taken from violence. Like, come on!!!


  5. JB

    Yall are missing the point–The point of the song art is to make you feel uncomfortable, to stir something up inside. Cole isn’t trying to be disrespectful to Brown or his family. He’s just trying to show how real and graphic this injustice is, and make you want to do something about it. If you can’t handle it, then don’t look at it


  6. e.pretty

    This entire situation brings tears to my eyes every time just sad pray all we can do they not listening to us they don’t hear us


  7. mumi

    “I’m black and suppressed oh my god help me please :(. I’m a ghetto child and walk around with drugs and guns but the police keeps shooting us. *Crycrycryyyyy*”


    Major Sushi Reply:

    @mumi, disgusting


  8. Gyary

    I can understand J Cole used the photo to get his song across, but it’s very insensitive and disrespectful to Brown’s family and friends.


  9. David Read

    People NEED to see that picture.

    We must confront this, not obscure it from our minds. There’s no way to change anything when people can pretend it didn’t happen, or it wasn’t “that bad”.

    When you see that picture and hear the testimony from his friend, it evokes a feeling of pain, deep down to your core. It’s undeniable, it’s that raw feeling hardwired somewhere deep within all of our souls that allows us to empathize and hurt with others when we see them hurting. This, along with many other components is part of what makes us all human.

    Like any effort worth striving towards, there will be the initial pain. There always is, be it the pain of going to the gym to achieve the outcome of better health and fitness or the pain of studying in order to get a better grade and career. I am in no way trying to trivialize what happened in Ferguson, in fact quite the opposite, I am simply trying to put it in relatable terms for visualization purposes.

    What happened in Ferguson, Missouri was an absolute outrage. A police officer, someone whom citizens are encouraged to bestow trust in, shot and killed a 17 year old boy. For no reason. It is through this pain, that we must push, to the “now what?”.

    Now that this has happened, will we allow it to fade into just another example of police brutality? Or will we stand up and say “we will not take this injustice”, “this abuse has no place in the world”, “we as human beings, be us black, white, green, purple, yellow, or any of the other colors in earths great paintbrush, will not allow our fellow brothers and sisters to continue to be mistreated in this way.”

    I think it’s time to stand up. I think it’s time to make a change.

    It will take a momentary instance of pain, but trust me my friends, the outcome is one of peace and prosperity for all.


    Bri Reply:

    @David Read, agree 1000%


  10. Tangier

    I agree with David, this picture has to been seen and the story told over and over again. Look at him and look at what they did. Don’t let this fade out. We have to stand up for justice, if not for us then for our children and our children’s children. Wake Up People!!!


  11. Yas

    He was right to use the picture and he has always spoke on this subject I quote him “we don’t make it prime time til we dying”


  12. reply

    Thankyouveryverymuchitsveryencouragingtome indiantakjinvoice


  13. Tesla Fan

    Mike Brown, ex lakers coach was killed?


    jo Reply:

    @Tesla Fan, no you idiot


  14. Kay

    Thank you very very much its very encouraging to me. ‘indian takin voice’


  15. CurtisDonDeano

    very thoughtful


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