New Music: G-Unit – ‘Ahhh Shit’

Ahh Shit

In the wake of the Michael Brown shooting, artists such as J. Cole and Elle Varner are using their voices to take a stand.

Now G-Unit’s 50 Cent, Young Buck, and Kidd Kidd stage their own protest with a song entitled “Ahhh Shit.” The hip-hop supergroup gives the middle finger to the police on the 808 Mafia-produced track, which features sound bites from Ferguson.

“Now why the f**k did you call them cops? / Throw your hands up, you still gettin’ shot / Here they come now, they out on patrol / They done killed a few, they finna kill some more,” raps 50.

Hear the Unit get its N.W.A. on.

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  1. Word7



  2. CRAZI

    Salute to 50 for speaking out!


  3. -



  4. Usher

    Dope ish!!!


  5. gregory



  6. chrome words

    I can feel the heat. Give me more rapper going at the police and those racist bastards. I know Meek Mill gotta have a dirty cop song.


  7. chrome words

    Damn all these songs got me going. A dj need to get on these track, The new 50 song,J cole’s song. This one. I don’t really agree with this whole message but it would be nice to hear everybody’s point on a CD.

    Get TI, Get Nicki, wayne, Drake, Kendrick and all them to write a track. Wale, Meek, Rick ross, Jay Z, the game, bobby schmurda, chris brown, trey songz, usher can do a song on this subject. Anybody else that’s hot.

    DJ Khalid always doing those albums put this together. We waiting.


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