Rap-Up TV: Mystikal Wants Out of Cash Money Contract

Danger: There’s trouble brewing between Mystikal and Cash Money Records. Before sharing the stage with Ludacris at the 2014 BMI R&B/Hip-Hop Awards on Friday, the New Orleans rapper revealed that he is clashing with his label and wants a release.

Mystikal signed to Cash Money in November 2011, but hasn’t put out an album since 2001′s Tarantula. He blamed it on “politics,” telling Rap-Up TV, “I don’t really fit the mold of the situation I’m in.”

They haven’t seen eye-to-eye creatively. “I’m different, man. I have to be able to be the artist that I am. If I can’t do that, then it’s not gonna work for me,” said Mystikal.

Busta Rhymes recently split with Cash Money, and Mystikal hopes to join him. “Me and Busta been talking too, so don’t be shocked if you see me and Busta doing some things, real talk.”

While he released the single “Original” featuring Lil Wayne and Birdman in 2011, an album never transpired. “I’m sure it would’ve happened by now, but the situation—the stuff that I brought, it didn’t fit the mold.”

However, he didn’t have anything bad to say about the Cash Money crew including Birdman. “That’s all respect. That’s family. We were family prior to this. And I thank them for the opportunity, but I don’t wanna be a liability to them ’cause it’s a waste of money, if nothing ever comes from it.”

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  1. JE

    I always knew it


    Oh Reply:

    @JE, GOOD for him and anybody else who see’s that this label is nothing but money grubbing puppet controller

    Nicki, Drake, and Wayne are the only people on that label who are constantly getting promoted when they have other talents who have yet to have an album out or get the promotion that they have

    Where is Shanell? Jay Sean? Lil Twist? Torion?

    Cash Money is shitty and Birdman knows that, they try to act like they give their artist all this freedom but really they don’t they only use Nicki, Drake , and sometimes Tyga .


    troof Reply:

    @Oh, everybody else is garbage so who currs


  2. JE

    ..Would turn out to be this situation.



    Knew it, one by one the flies are dropping from CM.


  4. troof


    Christina Milian is next


    Newbie Reply:

    @troof, YEAH RIGHT!!! Milian will DO ANY AND EVERYTHING to get that hit song. Everybody knows how she gets down, with the situation she’s in with that goblin. smh


  5. Rob

    He deserves much better.


  6. d. kells

    I knew this would happen cash money only caters and takes care of Lil wayne, nicki, drake and then they put out those young money albums or rich gang albums. And they have so many artist signed to there label that you never see being pushed or shown and that’s not good. I been waiting on a mystikal album since he got out of jail so I say leave bruh I need another album because mystikal was a great artist and very energetic when he brings the hype music.


  7. nunofyobusiness

    christina miliam is a disease


  8. Newbie

    Glad he has come to his senses, ymcmb are one of the biggest facades in the music industry, all talk and no show… cannot stand them. Arghh!!!


  9. Alex

    I bet he does….CMYM only care bout 3 of their artists… It’s all about just being able to say ‘I’m signed to CMYM’ now a days…


  10. LaTarsha Cunningham

    Lyrically Mystical is one of the best. This dude is a story teller . He take you in . Rappers today start from making money then they shooting a Kat then they back in the rap talking bout a female . I get confused . Lol . Busta one of the greats ,mYstical one of the greats don’t fit Cash money for sure


  11. john paul

    They wont promote your Album unless your name is Wayne, Tyga, Nicki or Drake


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  13. OG BONE big truck boi

    Mystikal knows whats best thats my dawg I am wit his decision to leave a situation thats not fiting his career bizness is bizness friends is friends but a man gots to do wat he has to do straight out no love lost for ymcmb & fam fans or not dont take it wrong theres no beef in bizness its jus bizness its about creativity & good music mystikal is more then ready I Mean I mean !!


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  15. Tim James

    This whole play was setup , Cash Money signed Mystikal cause he was there biggest threat . If Mystikal dont go to jail . Wayne never get that spotlight after Hurricane Katrina. Baby knew that Mystikal had the city of New Orleans behind him when he got released , so he signed him to selve him .


  16. lady Enne

    Talent that is Mystikal too big for cash money, everyones been waitin for the new album since 2006 when he got out,they signed him up to silence him cos he was a threat to their hip hop industry, hope Mystikal finds new contract with better label and grows to where he should be. The politics M is talking about is that they clipped his wings musically and financially with a dead beat contract , Mystikal too big and sharp for them.


  17. Boogie1472

    Mystikal needs to get back with Master P, and the both of them need to take this rap game over! Again!!


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