G-Unit Returns with Surprise EP ‘The Beauty of Independence’

The Beauty of Independence

The Unit is back. Without prior warning, the hip-hop supergroup pulled a Beyoncé and dropped its six-track digital EP The Beauty of Independence on Sunday at midnight.

Their first project since 2008′s T.O.S (Terminate on Site) includes production from Havoc, Ryan “Ryu” Alexy, Lord Quest, and 45 Music.

The EP comes after the group reunited on stage at Hot 97 Summer Jam in June. 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, Tony Yayo, and New Orleans newcomer Kidd Kidd have been dropping remixes and original songs in the meantime.

The music brought them back together after six years. “It’s clear that the passion for what we do is there because you don’t see the same numbers anymore,” 50 told Billboard. “But it’s even more important that you mean something. For me, when I fell in love with [music], authenticity was everything.”

Stream the entire EP below.

The Beauty of Independence Tracklisting

1. “Watch Me”
2. “I Don’t Fuck With You”
3. “Digital Scale”
4. “Dead a Pussy Ni**a”
5. “Changes”
6. “The Plug”

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  1. Aqs

    G-Unit in the house!


  2. AK

    why are yall putting a full stream up when people could be buying the album


  3. AK

    I mean its just an EP, but this is honestly the only site Ive seen with the stream, everyone else is playing maybe a song, and then referring people to itunes its like 5 bucks smh


  4. FreeingMyMind

    AK – You might as well put it on your own youtube when releasing a album now days, else someone else will just upload the songs and get the spins!


  5. truth

    This shit goes hard!!


  6. ESSI

    G G G G G UNIT


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