New Music: Brianna Perry – ‘Mackin’ + ‘Me OK (Freestyle)’


The YRB strikes again. Brianna Perry comes correct with two new songs, “Mackin” featuring Nehemie and a remix to Jeezy’s “Me OK,” on which she shouts out the incarcerated CTE boss.

“They let Remy out / Turn around pick Jeezy up / When they gon’ let me jump / We’re just tryin’ to get our money up,” she raps.

Brianna can currently be seen alongside Diamond, Siya, Bia, and Nyemiah Supreme on the Oxygen reality series “Sisterhood of Hip-Hop.”

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  1. Madhouse

    I been on her she got mad bars to me and she mad cute I approve especially after Sway show I fucks wit her


  2. Miss bankz

    Lyrics were ok, flow was ok. The only thing I have an issue is how soft she is rapping, she is missing either more character to her voice, or some attitude to hype the song up. A little to flat for me. Pass…. Gimmie some Nicky, some azealia banks, some iggy and some Kim.


    Destiny Reply:

    @Miss bankz, I can’t believe u said Iggy I just died man you elope been hoodwinked Brianna 1000 times betta den dat Aussie girl don’t play ya self son


    Miss bankz Reply:

    @Destiny, she might not be the best artist when it come to lyrics but she is still entertaining. I actually like her stuff before becoming mainstream. Her mix tapes days where more unique. Regardless she has a definition, unlike this chick. I’m still confused on who brianne perry is, and it’s not because I didn’t gave it a chance, but because she doesn’t stand out. Like I said in the first post, her lyrics where ok. My problem is lack of excitement on both of these tracks. Understand my point of view before jumping out from behind the bush mised informed, and concluding by making urself an ass h0l3


    Lipsandheels Reply:

    @Miss bankz, I don’t think I could defend Iggy over this girl because Brianna Perry seem talented and like a real girl next door working shit out everyday that other stuff with Iggy seem like racist white plug just not Nicki puttin in work like her success came from the Klan


  3. cjones

    Don’t know her but i know one thing. First second thought it was Jay Z & Beyonce morphed together


  4. Lala

    I dunno what it is about this girls voice…but it just doesn’t cut it for me. She gotta work on that tone…I can’t imagine listening to a full album of this chick. Nonetheless, I respect her having degree! Salute to her. …Just work on that flow mama.


  5. Oh

    she nice but her delivery not believable she sound tired she need to find her a new flow she cant do that Migos flow everybody been biting


  6. Lipsandheels

    I love that Mackin record and I love her fashion I follow her and she smart


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