New Music: Mila J f/ Ty Dolla $ign – ‘My Main’

My Main

After touring together this summer, Mila J reunites with Ty Dolla $ign on her new single “My Main.” The L.A. native salutes her bestie on the DJ Mustard-produced banger, which was originally set to feature Iggy Azalea.

“She my hitta for a reason / I can tell her all my secrets / ‘Cause I know that she gon’ keep ‘em,” she sings.

Her EP M.I.LA (Made in Los Angeles) is due September 30 featuring “Smoke, Drink, Break-Up,” plus appearances from B.o.B and Problem.

Mila recently shot a video for the song in L.A.

Watch the lyric video below.

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  1. meme

    UNGH!!! Been waiting for this shit. Its exactly what I expected…love it. Im ready for this album. Proud of Mila.


    Ice Reply:

    @meme, Real talk, she’s got me stanning pretty hard right now. People need to catch on to her.


  2. EveRyder

    I likes this…. Go Mila J! Milja j > Jhene anyday.


  3. JFB

    If Iggy aint on the track im NOT checking for… *skips song*


    Amelia Reply:

    @JFB, stfu


  4. Jones

    This song is just OK. It sounds like every Mustard song out there on the radio right now. :/


  5. Kyle

    I remember liking Mila J way back in 2005/06. I’m glad she is finally getting her chance to shine. I like what she has put out so far.


  6. syncere

    Song is dope i was too busy trying to see if my pic with her was in the video lol


  7. Oh

    Why she using auto tune ? this bitch is officially wack to me. all yall lil rnb bitches sound the same thats why she aint going nowhere far


  8. yassss

    dope song but im tired of dj mustard lazy fat heavy breathing ass makin the same beat! like bro expand your damn sound.


  9. TRP

    I like it, but I was looking for that Iggy verse. What happened? Them coins didn’t come through to keep her on it? – Or will a remix be coming.


  10. Phoenix Wright

    I really like it, she’s got me with this one. My only issue is that it should have had a female rapper featured on it, or at least a male rapper who stays on topic.

    She’s talking about her best friend. Ty is talking about some main chick or main friends with benefits. I really wish he would of been rapping about his main friend cause he could of throws off the mood. This is a song for BFFs not FWBs


    African King Reply:

    @Phoenix Wright, I completely agree. I love both artists but Ty Dolla Sign’s verse simply doesn’t make sense on this track. Shoot get Nicki, Iggy, Remy Ma, Diamond, Eve… some body else aside from a male rapper that’s going off topic!


  11. Bitches In Paris

    This song NEEDS Nicki.


  12. SouledOut

    I think she finally have a hit on her hands. It sounds like everything else on the radio.
    I like this song minus Ty verse who made it irrelevant. At least rap about his main n***a or have a female rapper on the track to keep the relevance.


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