Beyoncé Attends Giuseppe Zanotti Store Opening

Just a few days after celebrating her mother Tina Knowles’ wedding to actor Richard Lawson, Beyoncé stepped out to the grand opening of Giuseppe Zanotti’s Beverly Hills store on Tuesday evening. Dressed in white with a plunging neckline and cowboy hat, the “Flawless” singer perused the pricey footwear and exchanged kind words with the Italian shoemaker.

“Thank you for everything that you do for me,” she told Zanotti.


Beyoncé Attends Giuseppe Zanotti Store Opening

Beyoncé has collaborated with the designer on her first heel, an ultra thick platform stiletto. “Beyoncé has very clear ideas—she knows exactly what she wants,” Zanotti told Forbes. “I’m working on finalizing the shoe with her stylist right now. And, Beyoncé will then say what she likes and what she doesn’t like. It will be one shoe only.”

Zanotti previously collaborated with Kanye West on the Cruel Summer sandals, which retailed for around $6000. He is also working on another shoe and backpack inspired by Kid Cudi.

“It will be a backpack which has a micro chip and memory card inside of it,” he said. “It’s able to carry all things necessary for a trip into the future.”