7.25.2017 News

Offset Gives Cardi B a New Chain

Cardi B and Offset are still shining. The rumored couple recently fanned the flames of their romance, when the Migos star gifted Cardi with a new chain, according to XXL. https://twitter.com/DailyCardi/status/889892181762297857 In a social... Read More

7.8.2017 News

Migos Kicked Off Delta Flight

Migos were kicked off a Delta flight before takeoff on Friday (July 7), prompting questions over why the platinum-selling trio was removed by the airline. Delta representatives say that they booted Takeoff from an... Read More

6.27.2017 News

Quavo Unveils ‘Crash Bandicoot’ Chain

Quavo stays stuntin’. After making waves with shiny odes to Napoleon Bonaparte, Yoda, and Ratatouille, the Migos MC honors his love for gaming with his latest pendant, an Aku Aku mask from “Crash Bandicoot.”... Read More

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