New Music: M.I.A. – ‘Y.A.L.A.’ [Snippet]


Forget “YOLO.” It’s all about “Y.A.L.A.” (You Always Live Again). M.I.A. introduces a new acronym in response to Drake’s popular catchphrase. Over a heavy-hitting beat, the British rapper lays down some in-your-face rhymes (“I drink some Cointreau, keep it in my poncho”).

“If you only live once why we keep doing the same shit?” she asked.

The song will be available for download on Oct. 22 with the album pre-order.

Matangi arrives Nov. 5 featuring The Weeknd (“Exodus” and “Sexodus”), with production from Surkin, Switch, Danja, and Hit-Boy.

Listen to 90 seconds of M.I.A.’s banger below.

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M.I.A. Unveils Versus Versace Collaboration

M.I.A. x Versus Versace

M.I.A. is teaming up with Versace for her latest collaboration. The “Paper Planes” rapper has designed a capsule collection for Versus, the label’s lower-priced line. The flashy campaign includes pants, hoodies, and accessories with Sanskrit lettering, gold medallions, and glowing lotus flowers, all inspired by bootleggers.

“The theme of counterfeits, of those that produce and sell them has always been part of the culture of M.I.A.,” Maya told WWD. “When I was contacted by Versace, it seemed a great idea to invert the circle. Versace’s designs have always been copied, now it’s Versace that copies the copies, so those that copy must copy the copies. So this will continue.”

Donatella Versace loved the concept. “I adore the energy of the street, so when M.I.A. proposed to expose the issue of counterfeit Versace pieces by creating a collaboration inspired by these items, I thought it was an incredible idea,” said the designer. “The collection represents all that I love of the new Versus Versace: it’s fast, it’s noisy, it’s brazen and it blends the world of music with that of fashion. I can’t wait to see it worn.”

M.I.A.’s fashions debut on Oct. 16, while her fourth album Matangi drops Nov. 5.

Check out some GIFs from the collaboration below.

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M.I.A. Announces Versace Collaboration


It’s been a big week for M.I.A. After waging war against the NFL and releasing her album artwork and tracklisting, the fashionista stepped out to the Balenciaga show during Paris Fashion Week on Thursday. The “Paper Planes” hitmaker turned the streets into a catwalk as she strut in a shiny black hoodie and rose-print leggings. During the show, she revealed that she has teamed with Versace on a new fashion project.

“I have a collaboration with Versace coming out in two weeks,” she told WWD.

The collaboration is reportedly for Donatella Versace’s line Versus, which invites designers and other creatives to put their own spin on the brand.

On Nov. 5, she will release her fourth album Matangi and has announced tour dates for New York (Nov. 4), Austin (Nov. 9), and Los Angeles (Nov. 11 and 12).

Check out more pics of the trendsetter parading through Paris.

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M.I.A. Reveals ‘Matangi’ Cover, Tracklisting


A day after waging war against the NFL, M.I.A. unveils the fiery cover for her fourth album Matangi. The controversial singer-rapper hypnotizes with her red eyes and hair on the digitally-altered image.

The follow-up to 2010′s /\/\/\Y/\, described as “Paul Simon on acid,” arrives Nov. 5 featuring production from Surkin, Switch, Danja, Hit-Boy, and M.I.A.

She has been releasing tracks throughout the year including “Come Walk With Me,” “Bring the Noize,” and “Only 1 U.”

UPDATE: See the tracklisting below.

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M.I.A. Battles NFL Over Super Bowl Performance


It’s been 18 months since M.I.A.’s performance with Madonna at Super Bowl XLVI, but the controversial set is still making headlines. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the NFL is suing the Sri Lankan rapper-singer for $1.5 million for allegedly breaching her contract and tarnishing its goodwill and reputation after she flipped the middle finger.

But M.I.A. is fighting back. On Monday, the “Paper Planes” hitmaker launched a public war against the league by releasing a video statement via WikiLeaks.

“The NFL thing is completely ridiculous,” says Maya in the clip entitled “NFL vs. M.I.A.” “It’s been making me laugh for a while, but now it’s so boring, I don’t even laugh anymore.”

She claims that she’s been made a scapegoat by the NFL and points out some high school cheerleaders who were dancing in sexually provocative ways during the performance.

“Now they’re scapegoating me into figuring out the goal posts on what is offensive in America,” she says. “Is my finger offensive or is an underage black girl with her legs wide open more offensive to the family audience?”

She calls the whole incident a “massive waste of time and money” and an example of “powerful corporation dick-shaking.”

Do you agree? Watch her address the public below.

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New Music: M.I.A. – ‘Come Walk With Me’

Come Walk With Me

M.I.A. is coming back with power power. After teasing the song last week, the rebellious pop star rolls out the full version of “Come Walk With Me,” the new single off her upcoming fourth album Matangi.

The track, now available on iTunes, starts off slow and builds into a spastic dance beat, which she previewed in April 2012.

The follow-up to 2010′s /\/\/\Y/\, described as “Paul Simon on acid,” arrives November 5.

Take a walk with M.I.A. below.

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New Music: M.I.A. – ‘Come Walk With Me’ [Snippet]

Come Walk With Me

The wait for M.I.A.’s new album Matangi is almost over. On September 3, the Sri Lankan star will drop her new single “Come Walk With Me.” She has released the artwork along with a 90-second preview.

“There is nothing that can touch me now/ You can’t even break me down/ Everytime you think of sumthin’, it’s already been did and done,” she sings.

She teased a dance mix of the track back in April 2012, but the official version features a slower production.

Matangi, which she describes as “Paul Simon on acid,” arrives November 5. Check out a snippet of “Come Walk With Me” below.

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