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Beyoncé to Duet with André 3000 on Amy Winehouse Cover

Beyoncé and André 3000

Beyoncé is going “Back to Black” with some help from André 3000. The pop icon and OutKast rapper are teaming up for a remake of the late Amy Winehouse’s classic.

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Rap-Up TV: JoJo ‘Bugs Out’ After Getting Text From Andre 3000

JoJo professes her love for a guy like Andre 3000 on her single “Andre.” The video received an overwhelmingly positive response from her fans and even a text from the man himself.

Their mutual friend Flying Lotus sent the OutKast rapper the video after it premiered. We caught up with JoJo at the “Love Is Heroic” benefit in Hollywood, where she was still reveling in the moment.

“I got a text from friggin’ André 3000. I couldn’t believe it,” she told Rap-Up TV. “Flying Lotus sent him the video and he was like, ‘This was one of the coolest compliments I’ve ever got.’ I can’t believe it! I definitely bugged out, almost peed in my pants.”

The text from the elusive star caught her completely off guard. “I didn’t expect him to hear it or see it,” said JoJo. “He is the exact type of man that I’m singing about in the song, someone who does his own thing and is unapologetically who they are.”

Watch her reaction and find out what she said to him in response.

New Music: Frank Ocean f/ OutKast – ‘Pink Matter (Remix)’

Pink Matter (Remix)

Destiny’s Child is linking back up and now OutKast reunites for a brief moment on the remix to Frank Ocean’s “Pink Matter.” The original features André 3000, but now Big Boi adds a verse to the song off Ocean’s Grammy-nominated album channel ORANGE.

Sir Lucious kills ‘em softly on his nasty verse. “I make her call me B.B. King because I gave her the blues,” he raps.

Big Boi previously revealed that Frank wanted both him and André on the track, but Three Stacks didn’t want an OutKast collaboration on anyone else’s album.

While we wait for that elusive OutKast album, hear the duo reconnect on “Pink Matter.”

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Rap-Up TV: JoJo Talks ‘Agape,’ Andre 3000, & Puppy Love

On her 22nd birthday, JoJo gave her fans the gift of free music with her mixtape Agápē. Just days before the new year, we caught up with the singer in sunny Venice, Calif. Overlooking the beachfront boardwalk, a red-hot JoJo spoke about her André 3000-inspired single “André,” 2013 plans, and how her new puppy inspired her mixtape.

“Agape has changed my life. She is a joy,” said JoJo, who is an advocate for dog adoption. “She makes me a better person, a more patient person, more loving.”

She felt a deeper connection to the pup, who appears on the mixtape cover. “I could kind of relate to being left or mistreated and when I saw her and I looked into her eyes, I was like, ‘You’re my babe, you’re my girl,’ and I wanted to bring that spirit of unconditional love into this mixtape.”

One of the songs on Agápē, “André,” was inspired by the famed OutKast rapper. “Andre’s style is something that I love. I just think the sexiest thing is when a man is himself and does his own thing, and there’s a really great example of that in André Benjamin,” said JoJo, who has had André’s 2003 album The Love Below on replay.

She plans to tour this year with her friend Leah LaBelle and has more music on the way. “There’s really encouraging, awesome things going on,” she teased.

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JoJo Performs Acoustic Cover of André 3000’s ‘Prototype’


While her fans patiently wait for her mixtape Agápē, JoJo is showcasing her talents on YouTube. The Boston songstress shines with her acoustic cover of André’s 3000’s “Prototype” and Cole Porter’s “Night and Day” for the Fender Sessions.

With just a guitar and a mic, JoJo performs the soulful mash-up, which she previously debuted during her show at The Roxy in L.A. earlier this month.

Her latest single “Andre,” inspired by the OutKast rapper, will appear on Agápē, due later this month.

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Rap-Up TV: T.I. Talks ‘Trouble Man’ Sequel, Pink and André 3000 Collaborations

T.I. recorded over 120 songs and had to narrow it down to 16 that would make his new album Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head, available December 18. So what will become of the unused material? The King exclusively tells Rap-Up TV that he plans to drop a sequel called Trouble Man: He Who Wears the Crown.

He also shares details about his collaboration with fellow rebel Pink on the T-Minus-produced “Guns and Roses,” which he describes as a “bittersweet romantic story.”

“We found that we had a few things in common,” says Tip of the pop-rocker. “We clicked. She real people, she from the streets. I’m a real cat, I’m from the streets. We found ourselves in rooms where we were like, ‘You know what? These people fake as hell in here. Let’s get out of here.’”

And while T.I. admits that André 3000 outshined on “Sorry,” he’s not mad. “He did get down on me on my record, I can’t front,” laughs Tip. “But to me I’m honored and it’s a pleasure that he would even choose my record to do that on.”

Upon hearing the feedback in his favor, the OutKast rapper called T.I. to thank him for bringing out the best in him. “That’s real classy of you to say that, but you still shitted on me on my own record,” Tip told André.

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New Music: T.I. f/ André 3000 – ‘Sorry’


T.I. makes no apologies on “Sorry,” his highly-anticipated collaboration with André 3000 off Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head. The King of the South recounts the hardships he’s faced on the Jazze Pha-produced cut, which features vocals from singer-songwriter Stacy Barthe.

“It’s just more narration of life and the reasons why I should not be sorry for anything that I’ve endured, for anything that I’ve gone through, and the reason why I don’t owe motherfu**ers any apologies,” Tip told “I’ve come all this way from zero. I ain’t got no reason to say sorry to anybody. It’s probably one of the most creative records I’ve done in a long time.”

Tip proclaims the OutKast rapper’s verse as the “dopest 3000 verse outside of an OutKast album ever.” “All some pussy ni**a on the Internet can say is that verse ain’t good/ It’s boring…boring…really?” raps André.

Due December 18, T.I.’s eighth album features appearances from Lil Wayne, R. Kelly, Pink, CeeLo Green, Meek Mill, and more.

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