Video: Karmin – ‘No Flex Zone (Remix)’


They know better. Rae Sremmurd’s “No Flex Zone” has been remixed by everyone including Nicki Minaj, Pusha T, and Juicy J. Now Amy and Nick of pop duo Karmin give the Mike WiLL Made-It-produced hit a makeover. Amy debuts her new look and lays down some mean bars alongside rapper Watsky.

“‘Cause I don’t care if you’re a sex machine / Little man, move along to the next vagine,” raps Amy. “I can slide up in the west and I bless the scene / The queen, here to flex on the next regime.”

After releasing their debut album Pulses in February, Karmin has parted ways with Epic Records. Their “No Flex Zone (Remix)” is now available on iTunes via P.I.C. Records.

Enter their “No Flex Zone” below.

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Video: Karmin – ‘I Want It All’


Break out the disco balls and roller skates. Karmin catches disco fever in the retro-inspired video for their new single “I Want It All.” The pop duo takes over a roller rink—Amy shows off her moves on wheels and Nick plays the trombone before turning the place into a giant party.

Their full-length debut Pulses is due March 25 featuring a mix of pop, hip-hop, and reggae vibes, which they describe as “retro-future.”

“We were listening to a lot of Missy Elliott and Pharrell and old No Doubt when we were recording it and writing it and it definitely rubbed off,” they told MTV Australia. “It’s got kind of a ’90s feel and all the visuals are monochrome. It has a fresh vibe.”

The duo is currently on their #PulsesTour, which has been extended into the spring.

Watch the video and see the tracklisting below.

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Video: Karmin – ‘Acapella’


Karmin brings a whole lot of attitude and swag to their video for “Acapella.” Amy and Nick rock color-coordinated outfits in the Hype Williams-inspired clip. They dance in front of a red Mercedes SLS in one scene, perform choreographed moves in blue, and match the green accessories to their green outfits.

“The video for ‘Acapella’ is visually something we’ve always wanted to put out,” the duo told Cosmopolitan. “Our first few major label videos didn’t totally capture who Karmin is. We had people around us at the time who tried to steer the Karmin ship a certain way, so it feels good to create something like this where we are at the helm and can really be proud of. The video definitely pays homage to the ’90s videos we grew up with and are still inspired by today.”

Karmin’s full-length album is due in September on Epic Records. They are currently on tour with the Jonas Brothers.

Step into their colorful world below.

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Video: Karmin – ‘Acapella’ [Teaser]


Karmin steps into a colorful world in the video for “Acapella.” The duo shows off their personality and style as they perform choreographed moves in color-coordinated outfits. Amy dances in a blue-lit hallway and Nick bangs on a green trash can in the teaser.

“Acapella” is the first single off Karmin’s full-length album, due late summer/fall on Epic Records.

Get a sneak peek before the full video premieres tomorrow.

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Karmin Performs on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’


Karmin hit the outdoor stage in Hollywood to perform for the first time on Wednesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” The duo, comprised of Amy and Nick, served up their new single “Acapella,” which just hit iTunes this week.

During the non-televised portion, they also debuted “Try Me On,” one of the new songs off their upcoming full-length debut.

The video for “Acapella” was shot last month and is set to debut in the coming week.

Peep both their performances below.

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New Music: Karmin – ‘Acapella’


Karmin parlayed their YouTube success into a deal with L.A. Reid at Epic Records and released their EP Hello last year. Now the Boston-based duo of Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan goes solo on “Acapella,” the first single off their full-length debut.

Over a booming bass line, produced by Martin Johnson (Boys Like Girls), Amy raps about finding Mr. Right and realizing he wasn’t so perfect after all.

“‘Acapella’ was created almost exclusively with human voices,” says Amy. “We flipped the original meaning of the word ‘acapella’ to mean ‘D.I.Y.,’ or should we say ‘D.I.A. – Do It Acapella!’”

They recorded 25-30 songs for their Epic debut, which is due this later this summer. They will also hit the road with the Jonas Brothers starting July 10 in Chicago.

Listen to Karmin’s sassy kiss-off anthem below.

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Rap-Up TV: Karmin Readies Full-Length Debut for Fall

Karmin scored a deal with L.A. Reid at Epic Records after their YouTube covers of Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown went viral. Now the pop duo, who released their 6-song EP Hello last spring, is putting the finishing touches on their full-length debut.

They recorded 25-30 songs for the album, which is pretty much done and due this fall. The first single is set to drop in early June. “We’re really excited about this. It’s a very unique track,” Nick told Rap-Up TV at the BMI Pop Awards.

While they wouldn’t reveal too much, Amy did say that she will be rapping on the track and there may be some familiar faces in the video. “We’re trying to see if we can get some cameos at least in the video,” said the newly-blonde singer.

They also plan to tour this summer with another act and may bring a furry new friend on the road. “I want to get a dog,” said Nick.

In the meantime, check out their covers of Drake’s “Started From the Bottom” and Future’s “Karate Chop.”