Marsha Ambrosius

Marsha Ambrosius Performs ‘Run’ on ‘Conan’

Marsha Ambrosius

In celebration of her album release, Marsha Ambrosius paid a visit to “Conan” on Tuesday. The Grammy-nominated songstress poured her heart out while belting her emotional ballad “Run” off her sophomore album Friends & Lovers.

The album, which features appearances from Dr. Dre and Charlie Wilson, is now available to stream on SoundCloud.

Starting July 22, she will join John Legend on his “All of Me” tour in Cedar Park, Tex.

Watch Marsha leave it all on the stage.

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Stream Marsha Ambrosius’ Album ‘Friends & Lovers’

Friends & Lovers

A day before it arrives in stores, Marsha Ambrosius has made her sophomore album Friends & Lovers available to stream.

Three years in the making, the 14-track follow-up to her debut Late Nights & Early Mornings features appearances from Dr. Dre (“Stronger”) and Charlie Wilson (“Spend All My Time”), with production from Pop & Oak, Da Internz, Eric Hudson, and J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League.

“When you press play on the album, it’s like you’re watching a movie,” the British songstress told Rap-Up TV. “You can feel like you’re there. You know you’re in that relationship or you’ve been in that relationship or you wanted to break out of that relationship, run towards your dreams, run away from fear.”

She plans to release visuals for all the tracks starting with the single “Run.”

Experience the happiness, heartache, and everything in between.

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New Music: Marsha Ambrosius f/ Dr. Dre – ‘Stronger’


He may be a billionaire, but Dr. Dre hasn’t turned his back on music. Following the sale of Beats by Dre to Apple for $3 billion, the hip-hop tycoon returns to the scene on Marsha Ambrosius’ “Stronger,” a cover of Sade’s “Love Is Stronger Than Pride.”

As he numbs the pain with gin and juice, the former N.W.A. member reflects on his rocky relationship. “If I’m losing you, then I refuse to win / Went from friendship with benefits, you losing your innocence,” he spits on his gangsta verse.

The song will appear on Marsha’s sophomore album Friends & Lovers, which also features contributions from Charlie Wilson, Pop & Oak, Da Internz, and J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League (tracklisting below).

Hear Dre step back to the mic.

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Rap-Up TV: Marsha Ambrosius Talks Visual Album, ‘Detox,’ & Kanye West

On July 15, Marsha Ambrosius will release her sophomore album Friends & Lovers featuring production from Pop & Oak, Da Internz, Eric Hudson, and J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League.

The gifted singer-songwriter, who’s worked with everyone from Michael Jackson to Dr. Dre, recently sat down with Rap-Up TV to discuss her famous collaborators and the follow-up to her 2011 debut, which she calls her “baby.”

“It’s been a tedious, very rewarding journey as far as creating the album, but that’s what I do. I make albums,” she said. “I had to live and breathe this, whether that was the heartache, whether that was getting over it, whether that was lust, love, fuck, love, whatever it was, I had to be there. For me, that’s what I’ve been enjoying the most is living it.”

She also revealed that every song on the album will have a visual starting with the single “Run.” “I have to make a movie surrounding this album. Everything’s gonna have a video. Everything will have a story behind it. It really is the sequel to what Late Nights & Early Mornings was. Late Nights & Early Mornings resulted in some Friends & Lovers.”

In addition to working on her album, she has been back in the studio with Dr. Dre. “This is our seventh year. We went to Hawaii just before the end of last year for a couple of weeks and got to really cram in with the production team that he’s got going now, Focus and the squad, so we’ve been working. You’ll get to slowly see the work.”

But if you’re still waiting for Detox, don’t hold your breath. “Detox was a title that was thrown around so many years ago,” said Marsha. “There’s so many other things in the works for you to not have to be concerned about anyone detoxing. It sounds like a fitness center now. No. You’ll see something else.”

Plus, she’s collaborated with her longtime friend Kanye West. “I don’t know what it’s for, but there’s a couple of things floating around. You’ll hear them soon.”

Album Cover: Marsha Ambrosius – ‘Friends & Lovers’

Friends & Lovers

Marsha Ambrosius has revealed the cover and release date for her sophomore album Friends & Lovers. The illustrated artwork features a pair of red lips with the title written across them.

Due July 15, the follow-up to 2011′s Late Nights & Early Mornings includes 15 tracks with production from Pop & Oak, Da Internz, Eric Hudson, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, and more.

“You can expect me to be a complete asshole on one album,” the former Floetry member told Rap-Up TV. “Honestly and openly, the expressions of a woman, a very honest woman, and I’m not taking any prisoners.”

The album will be available for pre-order on June 23, while Target will carry a deluxe edition with three additional tracks.

Earlier this week, Marsha debuted the powerful video for her ballad “Run.”

What do you think of the cover art? Weigh in below.

Video: Marsha Ambrosius – ‘Run’

Marsha Ambrosius

Marsha Ambrosius is known for her powerful music videos. After tackling heavy topics including child molestation (“Without You”), AIDS (“Late Nights & Early Mornings”), and homophobia (“Far Away”), the British songbird takes on life’s everyday struggles in the video for her heartfelt ballad “Run.”

Whether it’s a man trying to provide a better life for his family or a boy trying to battle addiction, Marsha provides a voice for them to overcome obstacles and move on with their lives.

Her sophomore album Friends & Lovers is due later this year featuring production from Da Internz, Pop & Oak, and Diplo.

Watch Marsha send a hopeful message in the stirring visuals.

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New Music: Marsha Ambrosius – ‘Run’


Following the release of her seductive EP FVCK&LOVE, Marsha Ambrosius gets caught up in her emotions on “Run,” a new song off her upcoming sophomore album Friends & Lovers. The British songstress is torn apart after a breakup, but is able to wipe away her tears and move on.

“Now I finally see that you just weren’t the one for me,” she sings on the piano ballad.

Hear her heartfelt confessions below.

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