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New Music: Brandy, Ray J, & Willie Norwood – ‘Talk to Me’

Talk to Me

It’s a family affair for the Norwoods on their first commercial collaboration as a family. On the ’80s-tinged ballad, Brandy, Ray J, and their gospel singer pops Willie Norwood Sr. take turns crooning uplifting lyrics over silky instrumentation. “I remember times we had/ Just the two of us, you know it takes me back,” sings Willie to Brandy, who responds, “Now that, daddy you’ve shown me what a man is supposed to be/ I couldn’t make it without you, daddy.” In the spirit of Thanksgiving, get together with the Norwoods below.

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Video: Gucci Mane f/ Ray J – ‘Remember When’

Gucci Mane and Ray J

Gucci Mane reminisces about the good and the bad times with his girl in the video for “Remember When,” the second single from his latest album The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted. Ray J helps narrate the story with his smooth vocals as we see a pre-fame Gucci getting his new apartment and dealing with relationship drama.

“‘Remember When’ is a song reminiscing about the nostalgia of having a previous relationship with someone and then seeing them later on and we’re rekindling the flame,” explained the Southern rapper.

Go back in Gucci time below.

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New Music: Ray J – ‘Last Wish’

Ray J

Ray J has just one “Last Wish” on the smooth sequel to his 2005 hit “One Wish.” Brandy’s brother hopes for a final chance at true love with the object of his affection, seducing her with his silky falsetto stylings and crisp, sensual instrumentation. Catch a case of déjà vu by listening to the new single from Ray’s fifth album below.

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New Music: Ray J f/ Ludacris – ‘Celebration’

Ray J

Ready to pop some bottles and get your celebration on with Ray J and Ludacris? Check out the VH1 reality star’s new single “Celebration,” a certified heater to get you in a clubbin’ state of mind. Over cracking percussion, Brandy’s brother commands listeners to throw their hands in the air and give him a round of applause. Peep the track below to see if it’s worth following his instructions.

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Video: Jay Blaze f/ Ray J – ‘Universal Man’

Los Angeles rapper Jay Blaze enlists the help of Ray J in his mission to find the perfect woman. While most men head to the club to find the perfect mate, these two ogle over an assortment of beauties displayed in true Barbie fashion. As the duo trades verses, Ray J promises to show his lady a universal good time: “We’re taking trips to Japan, heading straight down to France/ Then finish up and end in London where they’re doing our dance.”

Rap-Up TV Interviews Brandy and Ray J: Part 3

In the final (and our favorite) part of Rap-Up TV’s interview with Brandy and Ray J, the famous siblings make us laugh while spilling about their love lives (Is Brandy dating Flo Rida? And which of her friends did she hook Ray J up with?) and their celebrity crushes.

They also answer whatever questions we throw at them, including biggest turn offs, the most famous names in their cell phones, favorite Young Money stars, and Justin Bieber vs. the Jonas Brothers. And what did Ray J say that made Brandy jump out of her chair?

Make sure to catch Brandy, Ray J, and the rest of the Norwood family on VH1′s “Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business,” premiering this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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Rap-Up TV Interviews Brandy and Ray J: Part 2

In Part 2 of Rap-Up TV’s interview with Brandy and Ray J, the stars of VH1′s “A Family Business” discuss what put them in the spotlight in the first place: their music. Ray J reveals that he’s working on an entire album with Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, while Brandy has been in the lab with Timbaland.

The elder Norwood unveils the future of her rap alter-ego Bran’Nu, not wanting to disappoint fans with her next album, the flak she’s received from her bathroom videos, and where she may sign next.

Plus, is a brother and sister collaborative project still in the works and which sibling wants to do “Dancing with the Stars”? Watch out Donnie and Marie, Brandy and Ray J are coming for your spot.

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