New Music: T-Pain – ‘Drankin Patna’

Drankin Patna

Pour it up. Seven years after topping the charts with “Buy U a Drank,” T-Pain reworks the magic on his new single “Drankin Patna” off his upcoming album Stoicville: The Phoenix. The Tallahassee hitmaker throws back shots as he croons in Auto-Tune over the snapping beat.

“‘Drankin Patna’ is basically when you meet that person that likes drinking as much as you do and knows about alcohol as much as you do,” he told Rap-Up. “A person that you can sit back with and just take shots with and still be fine with.”

He has also recorded two remixes to “Up Down (Do This All Day).” The first one features Lil Boosie, Kid Ink, and B.o.B.

Take a shot with T-Pain.

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T-Pain on T-Wayne Album: ‘I Think It Will Happen’

Will T-Wayne live again? After forming their duo in 2008, T-Pain and Lil Wayne dropped several collaborations and announced plans for a full album. But following Wayne’s release from jail in 2010, the project was scrapped.

Four years later, T-Pain remains optimistic that T-Wayne will finally see the light of day.

“I’m getting back on my music shit, so I’m pretty sure Wayne will be like, ‘I’m glad you’re back. Let’s make this happen,’” T-Pain told Rap-Up TV. “I think it’ll happen again. I think it will.”

They have a vault full of unreleased songs that still sound current. “We got a lot of songs. I always listen to them. I got them on my iPod,” he added. “We got a lot of shit that we can still drop that’ll sound like it just happened today.”

He feels that now is the right time to release it. “Everything was ahead of its time anyways. It probably wasn’t meant to happen back then,” he explained. “It probably is meant to happen now ’cause the songs were so now. The kind of music that people are dropping now, we was making that so long ago. I guess it was ahead of its time. It wasn’t supposed to happen.”

While they don’t speak often due to their busy schedules, he’s hopeful that he and Weezy will reconnect. “I’m ready to do that again, so I’m pretty sure he’ll get back on track with it.”

T-Pain Announces ‘I Am T-Pain’ Tour


Prior to the release of his next album, T-Pain is hitting the road. The Auto-Tune King has announced dates for his “I Am T-Pain” North American tour.

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New Music: T-Pain f/ Akon & 2Face – ‘If I Got It’

If I Got It

Following his remix to Lorde’s “Royals,” T-Pain continues the onslaught of new music with his latest “If I Got It” featuring Akon and Nigerian singer 2Face. The Tallahassee hitmaker shows his loyalty to his crew on the Auto-Tuned track.

“Homie, I got your back / I’m not gon’ leave you out to dry / I’ma take you out this street and I’m gon’ show you everything you can do without it,” croons Pain.

He was recently in the studio with Justin Bieber, while his album Stoicville: The Phoenix is due later this year.

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Justin Bieber: Drinking and Driving at T-Pain’s House

T-Pain and Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber was caught drinking and driving once again, but this time, it was at T-Pain’s crib. The “Confident” singer stopped by the Auto-Tune King’s house in Atlanta for some work and play.

Rocking gold chains and sunglasses, the Biebs raced T-Pain in an arcade game while holding a red cup. They also hit the studio to record some music.

T-Pain and his wife Amber Najm snapped a photo with the embattled star in their game room.

“I’m still up working w/ @PainzGirl & @justinbieber,” tweeted T-Pain.

Pain has been eyeing some big names for the remix to his single “Up Down (Do This All Day)” including Rihanna and André 3000. Could the Biebs be one of the featured guests or is a new collaboration in the works?

See more pics from Justin’s visit to the A.

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Rap-Up TV: T-Pain Defends Future, Co-Signs Chance the Rapper

T-Pain may be the king of Auto-Tune, but he doesn’t mind when others use it. The “Up Down” singer dismissed reports of friction with Future and defended the Atlanta rapper’s Auto-Tuned music.

“I’m down with it. I like it. I totally like it,” T-Pain told Rap-Up TV. “People always ask me how I feel. I’m flattered. I feel like that’s what’s working because I made it work.”

But he did take a moment to brag. “People wouldn’t be using Auto-Tune at all if it wasn’t for me right now,” declared T-Pain. “I feel like I’m the best to do it. I use it the best. When people try to compare me to other people using it, I don’t see the comparison.”

Still, he doesn’t see the need to hate on others. “They give Future crap for using Auto-Tune. And I see it all the time because it’s mostly fans of me that think I should be getting credit for it,” he explained. “I tell them, listen, everybody gets crap for everything. If you’re good at something, they’re gonna give you crap. If you’re bad at something, they’re gonna give you crap. So just let it be.”

Chicago newcomer Chance the Rapper recently tweeted that he wants to work with the Tallahassee hitmaker. So is T-Pain ready to accept his invitation?

“That’s happening. Chance the Rapper, I’m down with that,” he said. “He’s as weird as me. Me and him were both on episodes of ['The Eric André Show']. If anybody understands ‘Eric André,’ you’re a friend of mine. He did much more crazy shit on ‘Eric André’ than I did. I feel like that’s gonna happen.”

New Music: T-Pain f/ Young Cash – ‘Royals (Remix)’

Royals T-Mix

Following remixes from Wale, Rick Ross, and The Weeknd, Lorde gets the remix treatment from T-Pain on his T-Mix to her Grammy-winning Song of the Year “Royals” featuring his Nappy Boy artist Young Cash.

“I don’t want people to think that I just only T-Mix hood songs and street songs,” T-Pain told Rap-Up TV. “So I’ma go ahead and T-Mix that ‘Royals’ and get some royalties off of that thang.”

Listen to T-Pain give the chart-topping hit an Auto-Tune makeover.

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