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Nina Sky Cam #7: Radio Show Rockin’

Nina Sky takes to the stage at a radio show in Long Island, New York, to perform “On Some Bull…” and their new single “Beautiful People,” but the best moments happen off stage when Nicole and Natalie pause for a hilarious dance break that includes the robot, salsa, and “Single Ladies” routine. Plus, find out what interview question annoys the twins the most.

Nina Sky Cam #6: We Major

Nina Sky goes deep on set of Major Lazer’s “Keep It Goin’ Louder” video. Watch Natalie and Nicole pass the time by juggling, doing the robot, and tweeting on their BlackBerrys. Plus, Nicole shows off her new short summer ’do.

Nina Sky Cam #5: Nina Sky x Major Lazer

Nina Sky and Major Lazer

Nina Sky has been in the studio, feverishly reworking their sophomore album. The project has a new name, Starting Today (formerly The Musical), and a fall release date.

Natalie and Nicole came out from their studio coma to perform at Diplo and Switch’s Major Lazer show at S.O.B.’s in New York City last weekend. Tag along with them below.

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Nina Sky Cam #4: On Set of ‘On Some Bull…’ Part 2

The party continues in part 2 of the making of Nina Sky’s “On Some Bullshit” video in NYC. Holler!

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Nina Sky Cam #3: On Set of ‘On Some Bull…’ Part 1

Nina Sky goes behind the lens on set of their music video for “On Some Bullshit” in New York City. Part 1 of 3.

Nina Sky Cam #2: Live at B.B. King!

In their second vlog for, the ladies of Nina Sky take you inside their Power Live show with The-Dream and Melanie Fiona at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill in NYC’s Times Square. Watch the rehearsals and get a front row seat as they perform an energetic set filled with their own hits and covers.

Previous Vlog: Nina Sky Cam #1: Fantastic Four Watch Power!

Nina Sky Cam #1: Fantastic Four Watch Power!

We’re thrilled to welcome Nina Sky to the Rap-Up family! Natalie and Nicole are gearing up for their sophomore album The Musical this year and they’ve found a new home on The twins will be releasing regular installments of their Nina Sky Cam video blogs right here before you can see them anywhere else.

It’s appropriate that the first episode was shot on location at their Rap-Up photo shoot for G-Shock in Brooklyn. The sisters joined producer-rapper Ron Browz as they sported Baby-G watches for the colorful, spring campaign. Listen to the ladies’ “Fantastic Four Watch Power!” anthem now and look for the photos in the next issue of Rap-Up.