8.31.2010 Interviews

10 Questions for Jeremih

The skies were dreary in New York City during Jeremih’s recent visit to the Def Jam offices, yet the Chicago native didn’t allow the sun’s game of hide-and-seek to put a damper on his... Read More

Rah Digga
8.25.2010 Interviews

10 Questions for Rah Digga

In the autumn-like temperatures of Germany and Croatia, Rah Digga’s been performing overseas, gearing up for the release of her sophomore album, Classic. Ten years have passed since Rah’s solo debut, Dirty Harriet, dropped,... Read More

8.24.2010 Interviews

10 Questions for Khalil

Khalil gave up dreams of shooting hoops like Kobe Bryant to focus on singing in the same vein as Trey Songz. The Def Jam signee’s most noted for his blazing vocal talent as showcased... Read More

8.17.2010 Interviews

10 Questions for Range

R&B crooners tend to portray a classically handsome look—well-groomed in suits and ties—but Range puts a bit of a twist on his outer appearance. See, the Connecticut native sports a fully-inked arm under his... Read More

Nina Sky
8.10.2010 Interviews

10 Questions for Nina Sky

Nina Sky’s career seemed like it was coming to a halt when their sophomore album was repeatedly delayed. But the twins—who graced the charts six years ago with their omnipresent hit “Move Ya Body”—decided... Read More

The Stereotypes
7.2.2010 Interviews

10 Questions for the Stereotypes

Even if you’re not a fan of Justin Bieber, there’s no escaping his presence on the airwaves, partly because the teenybopper has a slew of great producers supporting his sound. His recent Usher-assisted single... Read More

Alex Da Kid and Eminem
6.14.2010 Interviews

Q&A: Producer Alex Da Kid Talks Eminem

You may not know his name yet, but that’s about to change. Alex Da Kid is quickly becoming hip-hop’s hottest commodity as the producer behind B.o.B’s “Airplanes,” Nicki Minaj’s “Massive Attack,” and his latest... Read More

50 Cent
6.1.2010 Interviews

Q&A: 50 Cent Explores Soulful New Album

50 Cent is getting into a groove with his fifth studio album, tentatively titled Black Magic. In the latest excerpt from his conversation with, Fiddy describes how the direction is leaning toward a... Read More

50 Cent
5.28.2010 Interviews

Q&A: 50 Cent Explains Drastic Weight Loss

50 Cent caused one collective jaw drop with the startling photos of himself weighing a slender 160 pounds. In an exclusive interview with, the rapper-turned-actor explains how he lost 54 pounds to play... Read More

5.27.2010 Interviews

10 Questions for Bizarre

When thinking of tattooed stomachs in hip-hop, Tupac’s “Thug Life” immediately comes to mind. But there’s another rapper whose inked, rotund belly—a clown seemingly rips through his skin, brandishing a pistol under the words... Read More

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