Tiara Thomas
7.30.2015 Music Videos

Video: Tiara Thomas – ‘On Me’

Shade, labels, haters—these are just a few of the things that Tiara Thomas certainly doesn’t have time or energy for in her new video for “On Me.” It’s a confident response to anyone or... Read More

Jaden Smith
7.27.2015 Music Videos

Video: Jaden Smith – ‘Scarface’

Jaden Smith isn’t one for big promotional rollouts and longwinded explanations—when he drops new music it typically just appears on his cryptic website 490tx. Such is the case of a new song, which Complex... Read More

7.27.2015 Music Videos

Video: Tyga – ‘Master Suite’

Tyga takes it from the streets to the palace in the video for “Master Suite.” In the flashy clip, T-Raww gives viewers an intimate tour of his luxurious all-white crib in the hills, filled... Read More

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