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4.29.2009 Rap-UpTwitter

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Snoop Dogg
3.12.2009 PhotosRap-Up

Snoop Dogg is Kool Aid

Snoop Dogg was dressed from head-to-tizzle in red at the taping of MTV’s “Dogg After Dark” on Wednesday. Going by the alter-ego Kool Aid, Snoop Dizzle rocked a perm, futuristic sunglasses, Mr. Kool Aid... Read More

3.3.2009 PhotosRap-Up

Christina Milian Rap-Up Shoot Outtakes

Here are a couple double exposure outtakes from Christina Milian’s Rap-Up cover shoot, photographed late last year in New York City. Even though she recently went blonde, we’re still partial to the brunette C.Mil.

3.2.2009 Rap-Up

We’re Back Online!

If you visited this weekend, you probably noticed that the site was unavailable. The outages were the result of our host’s unprecedented server issues, which caused our site, along with many others, to... Read More

2.20.2009 Rap-Up

U.S. Soldiers in Iraq Represent Rap-Up

We want to send a special shout out to our loyal servicemen representing Rap-Up overseas. The U.S. soldiers of Unit Call OM6 are currently on duty in Iraq where they provide security and logistical... Read More

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