The Takeover

Pop Quiz for Asher Roth

What’s his favorite movie? What’s the first album he purchased? Who’s the most famous name in his cell phone? What’s on his iPod? Asher Roth answers these questions and more on the last day of his Takeover.

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Stop Comparing Asher Roth to Eminem

Yes, he raps. Yes, he’s white. But he’s not Eminem. Asher Roth is over the Em comparisons and wants people to accept him for who he is, damnit!

Plus, he tells us where hip-hop is headed (“If we don’t save this ship from sinking, no one’s going to”) and expresses his disdain for the term “rapper.” Watch to find out what he prefers to be called.

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Asher Roth to Lark Voorhies: ‘Let’s Go to Prom’

Now that his album is No. 1 on iTunes and flying off shelves across the country, Asher Roth tells us whether he prefers house parties to industry parties, the craziest college party he’s been to, his desire to take “Saved by the Bell’s” Lark Voorhies to prom, and his favorite new MCs. Find out who made the cut.

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Asher Roth Is a Cyrano de Bergerac

On Day 2 of his Takeover, self-proclaimed Cyrano de Bergerac Asher Roth fills us in on the best swag he’s received, how fame has hurt his chances with women, how to deal with groupies, and hooking up with his ATL homie Keri Hilson on “She Don’t Wanna Man.”

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Asher Roth Takes Over

In between chewing on sunflower seeds, Asher Roth spits about the “nooks and crannies” of his debut album, the story behind the doughy title, and the significance of releasing it on 4/20. Asher will be crashing on our couch all week long as he takes over Get comfortable.

Asleep in the Bread Aisle is in stores and online today, featuring the hit single “I Love College.”

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Asher Roth Is Taking Over!

If you still don’t know who Asher Roth is, you’re about to. The breakout MC from the ’burbs is taking over all week long, coinciding with the release of his debut album Asleep in the Bread Aisle, available tomorrow.

Jesse McCartney’s Favorite Videos

Jesse McCartney with Rap-Up

Jesse McCartney couldn’t leave without sharing his five favorite music videos. Hip-hop and R&B dominates the list, which includes something new, something old, and something sexy.

Make sure you check out Jesse’s new single, “Body Language,” which he describes as “‘Leavin” Part 2.”

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