Rap-Up TV: JoJo Provides Album Update, Reveals Latest Collaborators


Label politics have delayed JoJo’s new album All I Want Is Everything, but the good news is that the project is nearing completion and a single should be out soon. The 19-year-old songstress stopped by Rap-Up’s Pre-BET Awards Lounge to update us on her next LP.

Get up to speed on her latest direction, who she’s been in the studio with lately, the status of her viral video “In the Dark,” and whether we’ll get an album in our hands by the year’s end.

  • Jermany

    i miss you jojo!!!

  • BrooklynFoxx

    I can’t wait for her to come back, my iPod needs new JoJo!

  • eres

    i cant wait till she releases her new album! so talented!!

  • Dave

    I definitely wanna get this new album. I loved JoJo when she 1st came up (single wise, for some reason I never got her albums).

  • Gina

    Danja, Kenna, Jim Beanz, Jim Jonsin <33333333333

  • MB92

    Yay cant believe shes finally about to come back. i love pretty much everyone of her songs


    I hope she sings some hard R&B stuff, or even some more soft R&B because her tone is so rich and her runs have been clean since she came out. I will always think she’s supposed to be like mariah carey circa “Butterfly” .. she should do pop songs/ballads and also urban numbers like “Honey” and “Breakdown”..

    Like she said, she’s still carving her lane and niche and I know she can’t alienate her fanbase and the people who actually buy her music.

  • Igniz

    She looks gorgeous !

  • J-Angel

    What in the world is Blackground doing with this girl? Put her album out already. She is way better than all of these chicks claiming to be pop stars and their record companies support them. What are they waiting for? Every song that was leaked is FIRE! Do they not like making $$$?? Put her out already! All her fans including me have been waiting for it FOREVER. Get it together man. JoJo deserves the support and push way more than these fake a** hoes thinking they can sing.

  • faithla

    jojo is fantastic!
    I can’t wait to hear her new music!

  • Juan Miguel

    You have no idea how much I’ve waited for this moment to happen. Kudos from Guatemala. :-)

  • i can’t wait for the album to be released. i love her first two and everything that’s leaked has been really strong. gorgeous voice, really intelligent in interviews (it’s such a change because most artists are, well, not), seems to know who she is. good for her.

  • Mike Harris

    Damn JoJo the hottest woman on the planet. I’m black and I would switch it up to the vanilla for JoJo because she just knows how to treat a black man ya’ dig? Mike Harris owns Rap-Up as well as MediaTakeOut and WorldStar, okay?

  • Sean

    Jojo is so intelligent and has so much heart. Not to mention her talent. I can’t wait for new stuff. I’ve been waiting since 2007 and I’m excited that we’ll finally get to experience what she’s been working on all this time.


  • The one with the most important opinions

    ^^Mike Harris you’re everywhere! I hate you but I gotta agree jojo is actually very similar to a black woman! I would dare say she is half black! Aite, don’t slap me! It just goes to show you can be diverse in the pop and r&b world even if you’re a red bone. I mean come on, have you seen this girl’s body?! Owww, she puts Britney to shame in my honest opinion, but that’s just my opinion haters so like it or not! I fux with you jojo, come chill with a real black man who will take care of all your needs!!

  • L Dolla Sign

    Jojo been messing with black dudes ya’ll so late! Have you been under a rock?!

  • Mr. Mall e Mall

    Forget J Lo, forget Britney, forget Gaga, forget that ugly girl who made that tick tock song whatever her name is, forget Erykah Badu (I know *gasp*), forget Monica, forget Jessica Simspon, forget Kim Kardashian, forget all them ho-es! JoJo is the queen B, ya’ll think cuz she a white girl she can’t twerk it? SMH. Now, if JoJo did a single with Nicki Minaj foygetaboutit! I’d have to get signed to Young Money!

  • J-Angel

    hmmm….she must like different flavors cuz she was dating that boy from the Jonas Brothers not that long ago. I guess she is an equal opportunity kind of girl. Smart & open-minded…I’m not mad! I just need the album to come out already.

  • Bri

    What you guys didn’t know Jojo is a black girl in a white girl’s body? Jojo never dated a Jonas Brother. Since she debuted, she has always dated black. The last person who she was dating was her guitarist, Jeremiah, who is a brother.

    I can’t wait for Jojo to finally come back!My favorite singer. I’ve loved her since her debut. And she is better than all them other pop stars. I’m glad she will continue to incorporate R&B into her new music whatever that will sound like.She can sing anything, r&b, pop, etc. So I know it will be dope!

  • jeremydante

    jojo is the fuckn truth. the game hella sleeps on her- she has an amazing voice & the songs i’ve heard of hers that have leaked are super dope. if the leaks are any hint of the direction she’ll be going in for the album than she’s good. im extremely intrigued at what she has done with danja.

  • They call me Motion, you must be the Ocean

    Jojo is the only white woman who has successfully made people see that it’s okay to be white in a black artist’s world. You don’t see people getting mad when they compare Jojo to Mariah Carey because Jojo has time and time again proved she is someone who looks beyond skin color and accepts people for who they are.

  • sanna

    yay…can´t wait to hear new music from her…she is the best..

  • J-Angel

    All I know is that I’ve seen a picture of JoJo & one of the Jonas Bros. in US Weekly. A few months later I saw her at their concert and security had to rush her backstage again cuz everyone recognized her and she got swarmed. Then a few months later i saw a tweet from someone saying they just saw them at a restaurant in LA. Call it what u want.

  • Bri

    They were just friends hanging out.I’m sure in your lifetime you have had friends of the opposite sex that you hang out with that you wouldnt say you were dating. I remember that Jonas Brother saying they were just friends and that he called her to hang out and they agreed they were just friends.

  • J-Angel

    YEAH RIGHT. I’m sure they’re just “friends”.