Video: Amerie Is a Little Bit Rock ‘N’ Roll


Amerie tore the roof off the Key Club in West Hollywood earlier this week with an electric set. The singer debuted her guitar-playing skills during a rock-tinged version of “Why R U.” She tells Rap-Up.com that she recently started learning the instrument and hopes to showcase it more on her next album.

Plus, Rap-Up TV brings you her performances of “Higher” and “Pretty Brown” live from the Sunset Strip.

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  • i_cant_help_it

    Thank you so much Rap-Up for showcasing real TALENT. Keep more Amerie stories coming!!!!!

  • i.d

    i loved the performance of why r u & pretty brown eyes!
    I hope she rocks out like this in all her future performances.
    The rock & roll vibe suites her to a tee
    amerie and the electric guitar is epic

  • momobabez

    Thank you! Rap-Up, that “Why R U” performance was awesome

  • incognegro

    Amerie is an amazing artist, who can appreciate the beauty in being creative. I love that she is learning the guitar, and I look forward to her rockin’ out on her next album.

    sidenote: I love “Higher” and “Make U Love Me” as possible third singles; and hopefully her next video is dance-heavy (a la “One Thing” just the 2010 version), which showcases her ability to actually dance and perform, because the dancing in “Heard Em All” was too abstract to be enjoyable. She’s need some straight up, rolling, popping, locking, and straight groovin’ in her next video. Just my two-cents….

    Either way, Team Amerie all day!!!!

  • YES!

    I LOVE A!

  • Ya boy

    Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much! Her aesthetic is unmatched in the game!

  • elitist

    lol…. stick to singing because you cannot play guitar in a professional arena yet. obviously no one watching this video on this forum has any idea about nor listens to any music with actual guitar playing.

    • Awesome

      @elitist, If you can’t at least give her credit for expanding her horizon as an artist, then you have no business commenting on music. PLUS, I don’t see you on Rap-up playing any kind of rock concert/or club gig. And if you do, give us your music myspace so we can see how well you play or what label your sign to or how many grammy nominations you have. By the way you are not the only person here who listens to music with “actually guitar playing”, so check yourself before you say anything about people you don’t know. Thank you.

      • elitist

        @Awesome, haha i actually am a signed and touring artist but you wouldn’t find my band on Rap-Up. and no i’m not gonna put my band’s myspace up on here. thats the glory of forums like this, anonymity.

    • fi

      listen to me…when madonna sings?
      can she actually sing?
      when she plays the guitar???
      how does it sound?
      you really got nerves …LOL

      amerie is underrated , her style is unique and actually is still kinda favoured in the underground …
      which is a compliment when u look at all the other sell out hooker lookalikes making the big cash by dressing up like mexican trannies after work!
      sit down

    • dustin


      actually i play the guitar and whatever she wasn’t shredding like jimi. its a new instrument for her. she reads and writes music and plays other instruments. not to mention arranges every vocal melody.

      she is a traveling artist. its not like she can hide away for a couple years and teach herself how to look more competent on the guitar for you. for artists like her live shows are her opportunity to hone her skills. don’t condescend to the people on here just because they admire the fact that amerie pushes herself as an artists every time she writes and performs a song.

    • YES!

      @elitist, sit down man. OBVISOULY she wasn’t try to be jimi hendrix. this is the first time i’ve seen her with a guitar, she’s just having fun. i love it!

  • dustin

    was there.

    aren’t words to describe how amazing that show was once she got out there (which took a minute).

    it was one of those natural high live performances. she made some comment about me knowing every word to her songs and stuck the mic in my face for the pre chorus to swag back. amazing.

    • YES!

      @dustin, HAHA! lucky. i wished i was there. amerie always delivers in performance.

      • dustin


        lol yeah it was amazing. mostly because before she put the mic in my face she acknowledged that i knew all her lyrics. not for vanity purposes but because her album is struggling so badly i was hellbent on her knowing that she has some SERIOUS fans that mean business when it comes to her.

        • Marc

          @dustin, just curious; did she perform much of her older stuff? like songs from her first and second album? I’m dying to see her live some day but i’d be highly disappointed if she didn’t do songs from that amazing first album.

          • dustin


            from the first album she only performed “talkin to me”. she did perform “why don’t we fall in love” but the remix from touch which was amazing. other than that everything was from in love and war.

            i literally begged her to do something from because i love it. she seemed genuinely shocked that i even knew what that was.

          • dustin



            from touch she also played “1thing” obviously, and “talkin about”

            didn’t realize you asked about the second album as well

  • Awesome

    AMERIE u were awesome !!! Way too go!!! Keep bringin the heat!!!

  • just in time

    She is the SHIZNITTS!!
    You guys on here are dope very supportive and seem to enjoy life. I swear other sites have so much hate Im sure their life sucks (lol) p.s…go hang yourself (lol jokes)

    But gratz to you all for the positive energy I hope Amerie knows how greatly we appreciate her!!

  • Dave


  • Chet

    this bitch fuckin killed it! damn! she is soooo underrated!

  • 100% Nikehead

    AMERIE FKN SLAYEDDDDDD!!!!! This chick is way too talented and underrated. playin the electric guitar and whatnot. Def Jam knows the potential and amount of talent she has so there not gonna drop her like “cough, cough, cough christina milian cough cough cough. Even though In Love and War flopped she still made 3 videos and is still promoting herself.

  • amazing


  • i.d

    oh give her a break. she said she just started to learn it.
    Who else is doing it?
    writes, arranges, co-produces & play’s the guitar?
    C’mon Amerie!
    she’s always trying something new and its always comes off genuine.
    Her art, music and image calls for it.
    i’d love for her to incoporate more blues/rock music ala prince/jimi hendrixi into her music & take it all the way live
    ‘Higher’ is just a teaser of what should be coming up

  • Jayden

    Love her & her art.
    She should def do some rock/blues music

  • Mark

    Umm I play the guitar also and have been for about 7 years now and she did good. Especially for someone who just started learning. The guy with the band is definitely hating hahaha.

    cool show and hope she goes more into rock. It sounds good with her.

  • FUTURESTARdelux (twitter)

    so hold on . . . she makes amazing music . . . she’s super hot . . . and shes very brainy . . . why isnt she huge?!?!
    im gettin her album 2moz, she needs to come to the uk and promote it here because she has a lot of fans :P p.s her label need to get their s*** together and manage her properly ffs shes amazing!

  • Mr. Amerie

    This was awesome! I love Amerie so much she has such a sophisticated taste for music. I love how she incorporated rock into her song “Higher” that’s my joint! I hope that someday I can see her perform live, maybe even meet her!! (in my dreams lol)

  • Anonymous

    Are u guys SERIOUS??? Amerie is highly overrated, if anything. She has the technical knowledge of music, but it’s lost in translation. Her delivery is poor and she needs vocal lessons. It could only HELP her. And did she say next album?!?! Oh God, please say it ain’t so….her voice is absolutlely painful to listen to. She is a very pretty girl, which the music industry is saturated with, but that’s it!

  • adonis

    @ Anonymous… your is one stupid def bitch.. at that go kill yaself… your just mad becuz Amerie shits on most of these artist that you love or like… there is no one like Amerie so plz run yaself…. Amerie is the best!!!!