/  07.25.2006

Has everyone seen this online petition going around asking for Beyoncé to reshoot her video for “Deja Vu”? It already has over 3,000 signatures and is growing. I am shocked that Beyoncé’s so-called “fans” would start a petition like this. I for one am against it. I think the video is fresh and the imagery is beautiful (Beyoncé and the locations where she shot it). Here are some of the problems the “fans” have with the video:

A) There is no clear story or theme to the video.
That’s the case with most music videos. Did “Crazy in Love” have a story or theme? Not that I remember. Most videos nowadays are all about eye candy.

B) The dancing is erratic, confusing and alarming at times.
They’re probably talking about the last scene with her on the dirt dancing like she’s having a seizure. Yeah, it’s kinda weird, but I wouldn’t call it “alarming.”

C) The sexual themes and shots between Ms. Knowles and Mr. Sean Carter AKA Jay-Z, are alarming and show unacceptable interactions between the two.
Unacceptable?! Compared to videos from other female singers, this is nothing. The two barely hold hands in public. The one time they show some affection a petition gets started. No wonder she won’t mention Jay in interviews.

D) The fashion in this video, while haute-couture, is unbelievable and ridiculous.
It’s a music video made for entertainment purposes. Movies are unbelievable too. Does that mean they should be reshot?

Someone should start a petition telling Sony to keep the video just the way it is. Can’t wait to see B’s next video, Ring The Alarm, directed once again by Sophie Muller. Now if you want to start a petition to get a video reshot, start with Fergie’s “London Bridge.” The song is hot, but the video “leaves a sense of much to be desired.”

UPDATE: Someone has started a petition in support of the video. Click here to sign it.


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