Monica ‘The Makings of Me’ Album Preview

Here’s a preview of eight tracks off Monica’s upcoming The Makings of Me, in stores October 3rd.

“A Dozen Roses”
Assisted by Missy Elliott on this slow jam, Monica compares her man to a pair of Gucci shoes (“because whenever you walk past, all the girls be looking at you”), among other household objects. She notes that the song’s idea has been borrowed from “Ignition (Remix)”: “You remind of these things; something like R. Kelly singing ’bout a Jeep.”

“Doin’ Me Right”
The second Missy production of the album, this song features Monica strolling the aisles, looking for a fresh man to bag up and take home. “A good looka/ I gotta hook ya/ Tell the girls to get back/ Cause I already took ya.” Her voice later reaches the heavens in a gospel-like breakdown a la the vocal stylings of Destiny’s Child.

“Gotta Move On”
Strings taken from a Japanese garden scene are plucked gently – along synth samples – throughout this Missy Elliot joint. Monica gets her “Knock, Knock” on, and speaks her mind – literally – in an almost-rapping fashion.

“Sideline Ho”
“Did you meet his mom?/ Did you meet his kids? (No-o-o-o.)…Get your shit together…” Though she may be as laid back as ever on this track, Monica really digs her nails into girls’ weaves.

“Get Away”
A closing ballad, Monica finally lets go and allows herself to really explore her voice. Pushing back from the moment, the R&B diva flails her arms and announces that though she may not be in her strongest moment, she’s certainly no weakling. “I really don’t wanna sound/Like I can’t hold my ground/But everybody needs some time/That they can get away.”

“Why Her?”
Monica plays the part of the betrayed in this post-break-up lamentation. With this self-explanatory title, girls should come prepared with a fresh box of Kleenex.

“Hell No”
A sitar laces the track with relaxed runs while Monica walks – chin held high, shoulders back – over the beat. She coos, “I cried so many times, but never did it cross my mind to think of letting go.”

“Everytime Tha Beat Drop”
Monica rides along a Jermaine Dupri produced bass line last heard in Nelly’s “Grillz” for the lead single. The songstress jumps aboard the Snap Movement, trading verses with Dem Franchize Boyz.

Reported by Jeff Rosenthal