Lawsuit Against Brandy May Be Thrown Out of Court

TMZ reports that the $50 million lawsuit filed by the parents of the woman killed in the Brandy car crash may get thrown out of court. Awatef Aboudihaj was killed December 30 after Brandy’s vehicle rear-ended her on an L.A. freeway. Under California law, only the husband, not the parents, can sue for wrongful death. The parents’ lawsuit was filed without consulting the husband beforehand. Aboudihaj has been living in the United States for 11 years. Her parents have been living in Morocco full-time, so contact between parents and daughter was minimal. Aboudihaj’s parents could file suit if they were financially dependent on her, but apparently that was not the case. The lawyer of Aboudihaj’s husband is currently investigating Brandy’s net worth and says the matter “will be resolved by settlement or jury verdict.” The lawyer would not say how much money he’ll be demanding, but said it will probably be a combination of Brandy’s insurance policy limit — plus something additional from Brandy herself.