Nas To Release New Album This Summer/Fall

In a new interview with MTV News, Nas said that he hopes to release a new album this summer or fall.

“I’m looking forward to having a summer or fall release,” Nas said. “But summer, that’s the time of the year I wanna crack it open. I’m having such a good time. Like I said years ago, it’s about having fun now. I’m having such a good time, and with the music, I’ve gotten ahead of myself. I’m just trying to share that with the people now. Because the way I’ve been feeling after I did [Hip Hop Is Dead], I wanted it to flow a lot freer.”

Nas also commented on Kelis’ arrest saying, “It’s a lot of sh– out there circulating about her that she finds pretty funny,” the MC said Thursday. “It’ll be cleared up soon.”

Look for Nas’ tour starting March 31st in Pittsburgh. Nas and Kelis’ MTV reality show, “Mr. and Mrs. Jones,” will air sometime later this year.