“Taquita & Kaui” Premieres Tonight on MTV

Did “Flavor of Love’s” New York just get lucky or are reality show spin-offs really what’s hot these days? Tonight MTV premieres a brand new reality joint called “Taquita & Kaui,” based on the quirky adventures of two dismissed contestants of “Making the Band.”

These two bundles of energy became best friends during their ordeals on “Making the Band” and decided to move to Las Vegas to pursue their dreams in the entertainment industry. The show chronicles their successes and mishaps on their determined ride to the top. The first episode introduces the girls and their background story, and then delves into their very first gig in Vegas and their pursuit of a manager.

Though the pilot will provoke a few laughs, it runs more like a scripted show and less like reality due to the lack of competition (you know there’s nothing better than people scratching each other’s eyes out to win something). Still, if you’re stuck in a reality rut, sick of wondering about the Sanjaya conspiracy on “American Idol,” this one might be refreshing.

“Taquita & Kaui” airs Mondays at 10:30 pm ET/PT starting tonight.

–Rajul Punjabi