50 Cent Curtis Tracklisting

Here is the tracklisting for 50 Cent’s third album Curtis according to iTunes. Noticeably absent from this tracklisting is the song with Justin Timberlake called “AYO Technology.” According to 50’s reps, Justin Timberlake and Mary J. Blige are scheduled to appear on the final album. Curtis drops June 26th.

1. 187
2. Come Go
3. Follow My Lead f/ Robin Thicke
4. Movin’ On Up
5. Peep Show
6. Still Will Kill
7. All Of Me
8. Destiny
9. Fully Loaded Clip
10. My Gun Go Off
11. She Wants It
12. Straight to the Bank
13. Amusement Park
14. Fire f/ Nicole Scherzinger of PCD
15. Hand Up High
16. Officer Down
17. Smile
18. The Mechanic f/ Tony Yayo