New Music: Cassie f/ Ryan Leslie – “Sometimes”

Cassie has posted a new song on her MySpace page called “Sometimes.” It was produced by Ryan Leslie and features him rapping. This is what she had to say on MySpace:

Hey Everyone! Long time no talk! Well, I haven’t been on myspace in a while (updating and such) because I’ve been hard at work in the studio doing my sophomore album. I just posted the first song that I recorded with Ryan since we’ve been in studio, it’s called “Sometimes”. To tell you the truth, we’re just having a good time…. It’s not necessarily the direction and I don’t know if it will even make the album, but I just want my fans to know that I’m still grindin’ out and….I don’t know!!!!! Ha! I hope that you just enjoy it to enjoy it, it’s one of those songs. Cxx

Cassie f/ Ryan Leslie – “Sometimes”