Foxy Brown to Release Black Roses Sept. 6

Six years after releasing her last album, Foxy Brown is ready for a comeback. The as-yet-untitled mixtape will hit the streets in June, followed Sept. 6 by the album Black Roses, which will be released on Brown’s new label of the same name.

“No disrespect to anyone, but gear up baby, because when I come, it’s over,” Brown tells in an exclusive interview. “This album is going to be a lyrical testimony of everything I’ve gone through and survived the last couple of years. It’s just incredible.”

Though Brown declined to reveal details, she did disclose she plans on collaborating with Jay-Z, Spragga Benz, Baby Cham, and a few other unexpected acts. “I’m a huge fan of Amy Winehouse and Bjork,” she confesses about two of the people she hopes to work with for the project. Read the full story here.