New Music: Fabolous f/ Lloyd – “Real Playa Like”

“Real Playa Like” featuring Lloyd is one of the highlights off Fabolous’ new album From Nothin’ To Somethin’. On the track, Fab raps about showing his girl the good life, name checking everything from Van Nuys Airport to L.A. hotspots Hyde, Area, and Katana. Lloyd’s voice compliments the smooth groove of the song.

13 out of the 15 tracks on the album feature another artist. Some of the guests include Jay-Z, Rihanna, Akon, Young Jeezy, T-Pain, and Ne-Yo. Fab and Lil’ Mo also reunite for the song “What Should I Do.” Noticeably absent from the final tracklisting is the song that was supposed to feature R. Kelly called “Foggin’ Up the Windows.” Read our album preview here. Fab’s album drops June 12th.

Fabolous f/ Lloyd – “Real Playa Like”