Quote of the Day: 50 Cent

“So when I came back with ‘I Get Money,’ I was actually upset that ‘Ayo Technology’ leaked. It kind of cut into ‘I Get Money’ a little bit. I knew for a fact the record was leaked from Interscope. Because the first two records, ‘Straight to the Bank’ and ‘Amusement Park,’ weren’t playing at the station that played ‘Ayo Technology’ first. So that’s an indication to me that they delivered it to Top 40 and crossover [radio formats] ahead of … They sent it to [New York radio station] Z-100 before they sent it to Hot 97. I was like, ‘Yo, that’s not a regular leak, B.’ I was like, ‘[My promotion strategy] is necessary because this is speaking to my base, my core audience.'”

–50 Cent tells MTV News regarding the leak of his singles