Will Sean Kingston Play Biggie?

While Sean Kingston is bousting about snagging the role to play “Biggie” in the upcoming bipoic of Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace entitled Notorious, producers for the film have shot down those reports. Mr.Suicidal said the following about the role,

“When I first heard about that movie, it was through management…My management told me about it and you know I had auditioned for it and I met with the director and I nailed it and he gave me a shot now at being in the movie.”

Though Kingston is being considered to play B.I.G. on the screen, producer Wayne Barrow denied that Kingston landed the starring role in the film. In a recent interview with AHH, Barrow said the following,

“The role for B.I.G is 100% open and we are diligently searching for the individual to seize the moment and fill those giant shoes of greatness, everyone is being considered, including Sean Kingston but no one has been chosen.”

Well while we await who will be the chosen one, ya can check out some candidates’ audition tapes over at Biggiecasting.com