Review Roundup: Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Brave’

Jennifer Lopez’s sixth studio album Brave hits stores today. Here’s what critics are saying about her new CD.

Houston Chronicle: Whatever the reason, Brave is more fun than it probably should be and a big improvement over Rebirth, DOA in 2005. So back off, haters. There’s no shame in digging Brave‘s snap, crackle and pop.
3 out of 4 stars

Entertainment Weekly: Expensive beats and uplifting material are offset by listless vocals. Even on ”Mile in These Shoes,” a song that thrusts a middle finger at the haters, she sounds like she’d rather be shopping for scented candles. C

The Times (UK): For a genre famed for its pioneering producers and beat-makers, American R&B sure churns out some formulaic rubbish. Brave is a case in point: as Lopez witters and trills her way through predictable, stop-start makeweights such as “Do It Well” and “Forever,” the remainders bin beckons. 2 out of 5 stars

Newsday: The whole project has the feel of someone worried about reconnecting with a mainstream audience, desperately trying to give the people what she thinks they want, instead of offering up what she wants.