‘Somebody Help Me’ DVD Review

From director Chris Stokes (You Got Served and House Party 4), Somebody Help Me is a suspenseful straight-to-DVD release replete with chills and laughs, depending on your sense of humor. Starring Marques Houston, Omari “Omarion” Grandberry, Alexis Fields, and Brooklyn Sudano, this urban “thriller” is more amusing than frightening. Ten young adults make a trip to the woods outside of Los Angeles for a weekend, only to run across some trouble along the way. What starts out as a birthday celebration takes a turn for the worst when a strange figure lurking in the woods begins taking out the unwelcome teen visitors, one by one. Though the film is entertaining and it provides a fun Halloween scare at anytime of the year, the plot does not thicken. The soundtrack for the movie is reminiscent of B2K’s first album, and the typical “horror film music” is a throwback to the classic Halloween films. Fans of both Marques Houston and Omarion may enjoy the movie—their acting is reminiscent of their roles in You Got Served.

Somebody Help Me is in stores now. Click here to watch the trailer.

–Kelly Brown