Cheri Dennis' Favorite Love Songs

  /  02.14.2008


When a woman readily admits she is head-over-heels for someone, it’s apparent she has a lot to say on the subject of l-o-v-e. Cheri Dennis has been through her own trials and tribulations with love and she pours it all out in the lyrics to her songs. The 28-year-old songstress’ debut album, In and Out of Love, is already being downloaded by iTunes users around the globe, fitting for the one month where cupid’s arrow hits (and misses) star-crossed lovers everywhere.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, called upon the Clevelander’s expertise to shed a bit of light on the songs that get her feeling mushy and gushy inside. Even though Cheri considers herself a “work in progress” when it comes to swooning over her current flame, the tunes on her album prove she’s a credible source when it comes to the love factor.

What are five of your favorite love songs and why?

1. “My Heart Belongs to You,” Jodeci

“It’s just a phenomenal song when you’re really in love with someone and you really care for them. That’s how you feel. It’s a really sweet song. That’s one of my favorites.”

2. “Bed,” J. Holiday

“I don’t know if that’s so much about love, but he did it in a really sweet way. Really nice song with great lyrics.”

3. “Ain’t No Way,” Aretha Franklin

“That’s a really good one for love. I love Aretha.”

4. “Loving You,” Minnie Riperton

“I’m a Minnie Riperton fan. I like another song of hers that’s more sexual, but I’ll keep it on the safe side and go with this one.”

5. “One Last Cry,” Brian McKnight

“I really like this song but they switch up for me. I don’t have just any favorite song.”

Are you currently in love?

I am currently in love. I sure am and you know, love is always nice.

What’s the most valuable lesson that you learned while being in love?

That you never ever realize what you got until it’s gone. When that person is there and you have access to them and they’re right at your fingertips, you never realize how much you care about that person. I guess that’s the biggest lesson that I’ve learned.

Do you have any love advice for your fans out there?

You really want to do unto others as you would want to be done to you. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it. If you know that you’re a cheater but you don’t like being cheated on, how about you just stay by yourself. If you know that you are a selfish person but you don’t like people to be stingy with you, then you should probably be by yourself. I’m still learning though. I’m a work in progress. I’m working on it myself because karma is a motherfucker. If you put it out there in the universe, it’s guaranteed to come back to you.

–Franny Crooks in New York City

Catch Cheri Dennis performing live at the Apple Store in SoHo on Tuesday, February 19th at 8 p.m. Visit her official website for more details.


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