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Album Preview: Missy Elliott's 7th Album

  /  03.14.2008

It’s safe to say that 2008 has taken off with a testosterone-driven kick, with successful and media-driven releases by many male hip-hop artists. One thing’s for sure though, this summer is going to be a hot one for the ladies, especially the always dynamic Missy Elliott, who’s anticipating her as-yet-untitled seventh studio album in June.

Though a multi-tasking legend in the game (writing, producing, rapping, and singing), Missy’s recruited some trusted beats from Timbaland as well as some fresh names for the upcoming album. At the moment, she’s still in the studio adding her final magic touches, but staging-rapup.kinsta.cloud got the exclusive chance to listen to the bulk of the tracks—in their rawest form—and we’re ready to let the secret out. Reminiscent of the hypnotic and electro-heavy beats from 2001’s Miss E…So Addictive, this new set of tracks could very well catch fire and leave everything else in its ashes.

1. “Act a Fool”
Produced by Souldiggaz

Bringing back producers who dabbled on her last album, Missy dived right into her distinct dance floor beats. On the expected feel-good anthem, she urges the ladies, “Hands up if you’re looking for a baller.”

2. “Best, Best”
Produced by Danjahandz

Though he turned out Britney’s album, Danja didn’t do much for this track, although Missy herself claims that it’s “what ‘Irreplaceable’ did for Beyoncé’s album” and plans to release it as her first single. Mid-tempo with a lyrical ode to her man. Missy repeats the last word of every line (“We fuss fuss / we fight fight / we make up by the end of the night night.”)

3. “Shake Your Pom Pom”
Produced by Timbaland

Introduced from the Step Up 2: The Streets soundtrack, this one opens with a big band jazz vibe, and then continues as an energetic drum-heavy track. Missy does some serious celeb name dropping on this track; in fact, she name checks Beyoncé on a few of these songs.

4. “Like When You Play the Music” featuring Jazmine Sullivan
Produced by Timbaland

Missy calls this one the “summer jam,” as in something easy to ride to with the top down. Very R&B 2.0, this track is one of those hip-hop/electro mixes that takes a while to get used to.

5. “All For You”
Produced by Souldiggaz

On this energetic, club-worthy, and one of the more addictive songs on the album, Missy displays her swagger, claiming, “I could rock sweats and kicks and dudes still be after me.”

6. “Love”
Produced by Timbaland

This one will take you back to Missy’s days with Ginuwine, Aaliyah, and Tweet—classy R&B with a sensual twist, thick with a reverberating mid-tempo beat. Like a lot of current baby-making music, this one’s mainly about the instrumentals rather than the lyrics, as she clearly uses vocal manipulation equipment ala T-Pain.

7. “Milk & Cookies”
Produced by Point Guard

Missy calls this one “Milk & Cookies” because she says it’s like dessert. It’s a clear ’80s throwback, complete with rave-like beats and sexy vocals. A new producer was a good choice on this one since this vibe is unlike any other track on the album.

8. “Hip-Hop Don’t Die”
Produced by T. Gooch

Missy came correct when it comes to street politics on this one, as she reminds us of where hip-hop’s been and how far it’s come. The most thought-provoking track thus far, the basic, yet catchy beat takes a backseat to her preaching.

–Rajul Punjabi in New York


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