Amy Winehouse Calls Out Kanye West at Glastonbury

Amy Winehouse hit the stage at the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts on Saturday in Pilton, England. During her performance of “Some Unholy War,” Winehouse sang the lyric, “At least I’m not opening for a c*** like Kanye.” Listen to the audio here.

West has already responded in an entry on his blog where he said, “Amy Winehouse hates me!!! Now I’ve really made it!!! LOL!!!!”

Jay-Z headlined the festival, which was attended by over 100,000 people and saw the likes of Beyoncé, Lily Allen, and Duffy. Photos of Jay, Beyoncé, and Amy Winehouse spitting below.


Jay-Z opened his set with Oasis’ “Wonderwall.”


Beyoncé flew from Los Angeles to support her husband while he performed “99 Problems.”


Amy Winehouse scuffled with a fan and spat out her gum on stage. LOL!