Game and Lil Wayne

New Music: The Game f/ Lil Wayne – ‘My Life’

The Game enlists Lil Wayne for “My Life,” a Cool & Dre-produced joint, which is reportedly a future single off Game’s L.A.X. The introspective piano-driven track goes deep. The Compton MC even reaches out to Kanye, addressing his mother’s passing: “Since you helped me sell my dream, we can share my mama now.”


An alternate version of the track originally leaked where Game appears to take shots at Eminem and Proof. “All the pictures of me and Em, I burned them, so there ain’t no proof I walked through 8 Mile, and so since it ain’t no Proof, I’ll never walk through 8 Mile,” he raps.

Game replaced the lyrics on the album version with: “I ain’t no preacher, but here’s my Erick Sermon, so eat this black music and tell me how it taste now, and f*** Jesse Jackson because it ain’t about race now.”

Listen to the original track here.