John Legend Does the Unexpected on ‘Evolver’ caught up with John Legend backstage at Wednesday’s “FNMTV” taping for a quick Q&A. Read what he had to say about his third studio album Evolver.

When does the album come out? Who are you working with this time?

It comes out October 28th. The record is a mixture of sounds and different flavors, some which people might expect from me, some which they won’t. I think the first single is one of the ones they might not have expected from me. I also have some ballads that people will love and enjoy and everything in between. We have a few different sounds—we got ballads, we got mid-tempos, we got a couple of reggae songs. I’ve never really recorded a reggae song before; I did that. I did one with Estelle, one with Buju Banton, and it’s a nice mix of sounds.

Describe your favorite track on the album.

My favorite track right now is a song called “This Time.” It’s like a really classic ballad, but every day my favorite changes. The other day my favorite was “No Other Love,” which is a song I did with Estelle, so you know it’ll change again depending on what mood I’m in.

We had a chance to preview a few tracks off the album. Read our first take.

–Jessica Washington in Los Angeles