Ne-Yo and Shakira Collaboration Nixed

“Forbidden Fruit,” a song that found Ne-Yo singing questionable lyrics from a male’s perspective, leaked onto the Internet last month. There were rumors that the track was either Ne-Yo’s or a collaboration he was doing with Colombian bombshell Shakira. spoke exclusively with the hitmaker who set the record straight.

“I wrote that for her. She wound up not taking it. A lot of these songs that wind up on the Internet, people don’t get the back story and then it just sounds weird. You have me singing a song and I’m saying ‘he’ a lot, and nobody makes the assumption that I’m a songwriter and I do write songs for women every now and then. People don’t gather that so then they go, ‘Oh, what is this? What is Ne-Yo doing? Is he trying to tell us something?’ No, I’m not trying to tell you anything. You shouldn’t have downloaded the song, pirates!”