2008 Fashion Rocks: Red Carpet

Condé Nast Media Group’s 5th Annual Fashion Rocks extravaganza went down tonight from Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Music’s biggest stars were there dressed to impress. Everyone from Beyoncé and Solange to Rihanna and Chris Brown made appearances. Peep all the photos below.

fr08_ashanti.jpg fr08_ashanti_fergie.jpg fr08_bep.jpg fr08_brandy.jpg fr08_charlize_ashanti.jpg fr08_chris.jpg fr08_ciara.jpg fr08_justin.jpg fr08_keyshia.jpg fr08_leona.jpg fr08_ll.jpg fr08_mama.jpg fr08_mjb.jpg fr08_nicole.jpg fr08_paula.jpg fr08_pcd.jpg fr08_rihanna.jpg fr08_rihanna_mjb.jpg fr08_solange.jpg fr08_sp.jpg fr08_terrence.jpg