Danity Kane Launches Comic Book

In celebration of their MTV Video Music Award nominations for Best Dance Video and Best Pop Video for “Damaged,” Danity Kane will present a special collector’s preview edition of their comic book, Danity Kane #1 for Danity Kane Comics.

Created by Danity Kane band member Dawn Richard, the comic book is best described as “Sin City meets Sex and the City“—the special edition opens with the birth of Danity Kane and how they are ultimately chosen to save the universe. The main anime character’s super power includes controlling people’s thoughts with her voice and the villain is very reminiscent of Diddy himself:

A silent battle rages on between the Syokin and Lotus over control of Jyzfire, the home planet of Danity Kane. After Rayden Kane (father of Danity and leader of the Lotus) is killed in a battle with Kobin Toles (leader of the Syokin) to save Silu Kane and the unborn Danity Kane, the Syokin have inevitably lost their home plane, but Kobin’s disillusioned vision of a universe of peace under Syokin leadership is focused on Earth as his first test planet. With the ultra ability to manipulate and convert sound waves into solid matter, warp space and time, and alter mind patterns of other lesser beings to their likings; the Jyzfirian beings have come to earth with two separate motives…to “preserve and protect” and to “control and destroy.”

Unbeknownst to many, the name Danity Kane existed long before “Making the Band 3.” “We were in the studio and I actually draw comics, and Diddy had been throwing some names at us,” explains Dawn on the inspiration of the group’s name. “He looked at the superhero that I drew and he asked me what the name of the character is…I said ‘Danity Kane.’ A comic book was always in the future plan; this could not have been at a better time as our group is celebrating many successes this year.”

For more information on the soon-to-be-released retail edition of the comic book, visit www.danitykanecomics.com.