Ne-Yo’s Warning to Singer/Songwriters

The transition from the background into the spotlight isn’t always an easy one. One artist who’s had success as both a singer and songwriter is Ne-Yo. With albums from Keri Hilson, Sean Garrett, and Ryan Leslie coming out, we asked the acclaimed singer/songwriter what he thought of this new crop of talent looking for their time in the spotlight.

“For one, I think Keri Hilson’s too freakin’ pretty to be in the background. For two, her voice is incredible—on top of the fact that she can write. So I think that she’s definitely one that deserves the spotlight, if anybody. Me being a guy that came from the comfort of the background into what’s a little bit uncomfortable, which is the foreground, it’s really not what you think it is. For any songwriters trying to jump into that foreground, just know what you’re getting yourself into. There’s a lot to be said about the comfort of the background.”

–Reported by Jessica Washington